Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Premiere First Impressions

Pictured: The Rogue Rebels enjoy the show.
By: Benjamin Hart

Thursday night, just a few blocks away from San Diego Comic Con at Reading Cinemas, Gaslamp 15, Lucasfilm premiered the first episode(s) of Star Wars Rebels. The screening lasted approximately 45 minutes and attendees walked out with very positive reactions their first taste of the series. Several journalists from different from sites across the web, including our very own Chris Seekell, were there to experience it and they subsequently shared their thoughts online. Here are some excerpts from their (spoiler free) first impressions:

"This show is essentially what 'The Clone Wars' would be if it were set in the Original Trilogy era with Original Trilogy dialog, character driven stories, pacing, and music. I predict that 'Star Wars Rebels' will be a massive hit, will be critically acclaimed and will be popular with Star Wars fans of all ages. This series captures the magic of A New Hope perhaps better than any Star Wars project since 2005... and maybe even since 1983. It will premiere with a TV film this fall. Do not miss it. Even if the only thing about Star Wars you liked was the first film, do not miss it." - Chris Seekell, The SWU

"Rebels has laughs and plenty of action, and the hour long episode doesn’t waste a moment of dialogue. I was pleasantly surprised by the pacing and how much we learned without it feeling forced. The time period in between Episodes III and IV is a fascinating era to see more of, and honestly, it’s touching to watch this ragtag group of heroes do what they can to fight back against the Empire." - Amy Ratcliffe, IGN (Amy also discussed her thoughts in this video.)

"Star Wars Rebels has more heart than you can possibly imagine. The show is truly about the characters. You feel for the orphan, you want this new group of rag tag rebels to take him in and to form that made family. We don’t learn everyone’s deep backstory, but we learn enough about the Empire and what it has taken from them that every time they have a victory against an Imperial stooge, you feel the justification." - Jason Ward, Making Star Wars

"The audience didn't hold back their excitement during the episode, cheering during some scenes and laughing loudly at others. The tone delivers on what the trailers have teased and harkens back to that golden original trilogy era. There may be darkness in this pre-A New Hope series but there’s a lot of hope and fun as well." - Lisa Granshaw, The Daily Dot

Big thanks to Lucasfilm for hosting this screening, and kudos to the attendees who took the time to share their thoughts with us! Star Wars Rebels is slated to premiere on the Disney Channel this October, and will subsequently continue to air on Disney XD.

Update: Here's an excerpt from Bryan Young's first impression post on Big Shiny Robot:

"More than anything, this show feels like "Star Wars." It emulates the formula, but remixes it for the time period in which it's set. We've seen "Star Wars" like this, but at the same time we haven't. It's a careful balancing act, and I think the creators behind the show, Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, and Greg Weisman crossed that tightrope with ease."

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