Wednesday, July 30, 2014


By: Darth Daddy

Yes, there is another Darth.   In the Star Wars custom action figure community there is no rule of two.

Darth Dusty is an artist that has been drawing, painting, and sculpting for over twenty-five years, and customizing for over ten. He mainly enjoys customizing figures from the Expanded Universe now known as Star Wars Legends, as well as creating characters of his own. His goal is to give people something rare and unique; to challenge himself to make customs of characters that may never see the light of day on a store shelf.

Mostly creating figures for adult collectors, Darth Dusty loves to incorporate soft goods, and hand sculpting new parts. Darth Dusty uses many materials, such as, Apoxie Sculpt, acrylic paints, casting resins, and even puffy paint, as key elements in each creation. Darth Dusty researches many of the figures he plans to build to get as much accuracy as possible without compromising the functionality of the action figure.  

He has made the widest assortment of figures from the video games The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed II than any other customizer I've encountered and I'm a big fan of his samurai interpretations of Vader, the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett.  He's a huge talent!  I made a video of his work early last year if anyone wants to see more from this artist after reading this feature.

Fairly retired from doing commissioned figures, he loves hearing ideas on what figures to make. Darth Dusty keeps a list of characters on the back burner, so expect to see plenty more figures to come.

 This piece is from our personal collection at home.

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