Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bail Organa, Vizago, and Others Confirmed in the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide


By: Lillian Skye

The WolfPack Podcast tweeted a picture earlier today from the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide that spiraled into several character confirmations of both new and iconic Star Wars character that will have appearances in the latest series:

Since Bail Organa was a Senator and a founding member of the Rebel Alliance, it would only be appropriate that he would have a cameo or at the bare minimum be referenced in the upcoming series specifically about rebels.

The visual guide also confirmed an earlier rumor about a green skinned alien being in the show. The character is a forty year old Devaronian named Cikatro Vizago, who wields a blaster called  "Vilmarh's Revenge." According to Vizago, "business is all that matters."

The Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide also has images of young Imperials, and has confirmed that Lothal is home to the Imperial Training Academy, where new Imperials Commandant Comberlayne Aresko and Taskmaster Myles Grint are are stationed.

Other facts from the guide:
  • Hera is 24
  • Kanan is 28
  • Ezra is attracted to Sabine
  • Zeb utilizes a Bo-rifle for combat
  • There are several Wookiees that will appear in the series.
  • Zeb's encounters with with the Empire on Lasan have made him sympathetic
  • Bail Organa loans R2-D2 and C-3PO to Imperial Governor Pryce on Lothal


Plot details from the show are also revealed in the guide:

  • Ezra will infiltrate the Imperial Training Academy and introduces a new rebel who is actually an imperial named Zare.
  • A surviving Jedi Master is being held in a remote prison by the Empire.
  • A group of Wookiees are sent to the spice mines of Kessel, the "most feared labor camps of the galaxy," by Agent Kallus
  • Ezra has Jedi training
  • The Inquisitor's is a formidable foe for Kanan.

For a complete review of the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide, check out the video review by Cory of the WolfPack Podcast below:

Sources: The WolfPack Podcast,  Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide by Adam Bray

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