Friday, June 20, 2014

Fan Imagining: "What If" Kenobi Were To Appear in 'Rebels'?


By: David Gremillion

It is being speculated that Obi-Wan might make an appearance in the new "Rebels" series. I'm not a fan of him being an active character, but certainly an appearance could work if it were used in a powerful way. How? Maybe something like this. 


"Wow!" Ezra exclaims. "I've never seen anything like that! Your lightsaber was all like 'bzz bzz' and you were all like 'swish ka-blam!"

"Yeah," Kanan rubs the kid's head. "No one's seen that in a long time. Get some sleep kid. Let your dreams be filled with Jedi Knights."

The door closes to Ezra's cabin, although he could still hear the kid making saber noises through the door. 

"Dreams are where Jedi belong, I guess."

Kanan Jarrus sits alone in his cabin, left to his thoughts. His eyes glance at a small, flat device on a nearby table. He turns, facing the other way, but the device gnaws at him. 

"No," he tells the device. 

Still, it sits on the table, taunting him. He can't even see it, but he knows what lies there, waiting for him. 

"I said no, dammit!" he growls through gritted teeth. 

Minutes turn into hours as he can't help but glance back at the device over and over again. A single trickle of sweat drips down his back before he stands up quickly. He crosses the room in two strides and with a single slap of his hand, sends the table and the device flying across the cabin. 

The small, flat device slides under his bunk. Kanan silently curses himself for letting his annoyance slip into anger. He drops to all fours and reaches under the bunk, but the device remains stubbornly out of his reach. 

Kanan blows all the breath out of his lungs, closed his eyes, and concentrated. The device wiggled, shook, and twitched before it shot into his hand. 

"I'm more out of shape than a Hutt," he muttered before pressing the a single button at the edge of the recording disc. 

A blue hologram, no taller than a third of a meter, sprang to life in the palm of his hand. 

"Jedi Emergency Code Delta-Gamma-Five-One-Five," the bearded Jedi began. "If you are hearing this, then Coruscant and the Jedi Temple have been severely compromised. Security is decimated and..." the man hesitated. "...most of us are already dead."

Kanan's hand trembled. He had heard this over a thousand times before, but it hit home every time for him like a death knell. 

"We...we...we have failed. No matter what you hear, no matter what other message you receive, do NOT return home. Find refuge somewhere, anywhere else. Stay hidden, stay safe, stay alive. May the Force be with you, for it has not been with us."

The image faded, returning to the disc. 

"Farewell, Master Kenobi," Kanan said to the device before laying back on his bunk, clutching it to his chest.

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization.

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