Monday, June 9, 2014

Opinion: Star Wars Fans: LeBroning Before It Was Cool


By: David Gremillion

On Thursday night, the air conditioning failed in a building crammed with 18,581 people.

In Texas.
In June.

As a result, one of the best basketball players on the planet suffered from debilitating leg cramps that not only kept him out of the game, but kept him from walking altogether.

The reaction from fans ranged from outrage to outright hilarity. Some of the more light-hearted posts made the rounds of social media faster than Anakin in a podrace. However, some people took time out of their busy day to belittle someone who needed help getting off a basketball court.

"Jordan played with the flu."
"Isaiah played with a bad ankle."
"Reed played with a shredded thigh."

Nostalgia is a bitter pill to swallow and Star Wars fans know this better than most. One of the reasons LeBron is so despised around the league is that so many people can't stand the idea that he might be better than "His Airness", Michael Jordan. When Jordan arrived on the scene over twenty years ago, he also received some vitriol because fans couldn't stand the idea that he might better than Magic Johnson.

Star Wars fans of all ages should know exactly what is going on. They areare apprehensive about Episode VII. Even if the movie is considered a cinematic masterpiece, it will be hit with a massive wave of nostalgia.

"The original trilogy was..."
"The prequel trilogy was..."
"Lucas never would have..."

We can't help it; this is part of humanity itself. When you grow up with something, you tend to hold it closer to your heart than what comes after. It's one reason why reboots are met with the largest eye-rolls in human history. It's one reason why we look back on bad animation, corny dialogue, or stories with mile-wide holes in them with fondness and a sense of longing.

It's also a reason why Original Trilogy fans can't understand those darn Prequel kids. How can they put Attack of the Clones ahead of Empire Strikes Back? A New Hope is clearly superior to The Phantom Menace, right?

It's going to be one of the reasons why the Prequels fans won't be able to understand the upcoming Future Trilogy fans. How can Episode VII be better than Revenge of the Sith? Nothing can surpass Duel of the Fates, right?

I don't understand Ben10, Kim Possible, or the Fairly Odd Parents. I grew up with Duck Tales, Animaniacs, and Gargoyles (among others). I may appreciate Rebels, but I don't think it will hold the same place in my soul that Gizmo Duck or the Warner Brothers will have.

And that's okay. There should be room in our hearts for all things in the past, present, and future. LeBron won't replace Jordan, Rebels won't replace The Clone Wars, and Kennedy won't replace Lucas.

Make a little room for what's coming. The new Star Wars content might have a leg cramp once in a while, but that won't take away from the overall greatness.

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization.


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