Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Case You Missed It: June 14th - 21st, 2014

By: Benjamin Hart

Another week, another batch of news for those of you who might have missed something. Harrison Ford's leg is back in the news... a lot. Plus, Emmys for The Clone Wars, casting rumors for Rebels and a director for Episode VIII. Read on to get up to date!


Harrison Ford Injury Update
Last week Harrison Ford sustained a leg injury on the set of Episode VII. Since then he's has continued to make headlines with several varied reports about it happened, how he's doing now and how it's affecting the production of the film. Read more here... here... and here.

Daisy Ridley Comments On Jaina Solo Rumors
IMDB claimed that Daisy Ridley is playing Jaina Solo in Episode VII, but Daisy herself had something to say about it. Read more...

Robert Pattinson Responds To Han Solo Stand-Alone Rumors
Last week Robert Pattinson was rumored to have been cast as Han Solo in an upcoming stand-alone film. This week he responds. Read more...

The Clone Wars Wins Two More Emmy Awards
At the latest Daytime Emmys, the cast & crew of Star Wars: The Clone Wars scored two well deserved awards! Read more...

Star Wars Scene Maker App Released
Now you can create your own versions of classic Star Wars scenes on your phone or tablet! Read more...

Collecting Announcements Round Up
This past week gave us a ton of interesting collecting news. Read more...

Back Cover Art For 'Star Wars: Tarkin' Revealed
Grand Moff Tarkin is back in a brand new (canon) novel by James Luceno! Friday we were treated to some amazing cover artwork. Read more...


Rumor: Rian Johnson To Write/Direct Episodes VIII & IX
It seems now that Looper's Rian Johnson is set to direct Episode VIII, and maybe even IX. While Lucasfilm has yet to confirm it, several signs point to this being true. Read more...

Rumor: What will the State of the Galaxy Far Far Away be in Episode VII?
Was the Empire defeated fully after Return Of The Jedi? Has the Galaxy recovered from the decades of war and oppression? We may now know the answers to those questions.  Read more...

Rumor: The Villains in Episode VII are Sith Inquisitors
Sources now suggest that Sith Inquisitors, as seen in the upcoming series Star Wars Rebels, will be the main antagonists of Episode VII. Read more...

Rumor: Details About Episode VII Stormtroopers
Stormtroopers may yet play a role in Episode VII, and we've got descriptions of what they might look like. Read more...

Rumor: Jason Isaacs & David Oyelowo Cast In Star Wars Rebels
Yup, you read right! Lucios Malfoy himself could be playing the Imperial Inquisitor, and along with him, David Oyelowo may be voicing Agent Kallus. Read more...

Rumor: New 'Star Wars Rebels' Details Revealed
A load of new new about the upcoming animated series might surprise you.  Might we see the Spice mines of Kessel, or a bunch of walking carpets? Or perhaps a crazy old wizard? Read more...

Rumor: Indiana Jones Show At Disney World Closing To Make Way For Star Wars Expansion
It appears that the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show at Disney World may be closing soon. And as bad of an idea as that sounds, what they're replacing it with might be even better. Read more...

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  • The cast of The Clone Wars attended Star Wars Weekends and posted this great video on Facebook.
  • This awesome fan film shows us what a A New Hope might have looked like had it been a Disney musical.
  • From a few years back; Dave Filoni teaches a "class" on how to properly tell a Star Wars story.
  • John Ratzenberger appeared at the most recent Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World and sat down for this hilarious interview.
  • Joe Johnston shares this fascinating footage from behind the scenes of the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Here's a great video which analyzes the Star Wars Battlefront trailer from last week.

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