Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rumor: Video of Daisy Ridley's Stunt Double Released

By: Ciaran Duggan

Two days ago an intriguing video was released on the internet which was supposedly taken from the set of Star Wars Episode VII. The reactions concerning this video over the last two days have been mixed, with some people claiming that the video was a fake and not related to Star Wars. Others have stated that the female in the video was the actress, Daisy Ridley. Here is the video in question:

However, a number of sources (including Daisy Ridley News) have affirmed that the female individual was Daisy Ridley’s stunt double named Hannah Collins. Daisy Ridley News had this to say (around the time of the video release):

"An extra on set of Star Wars Episode VII told me “today was very exciting, very exhausting, but really awesome. It was all about action today, explosions were awesome, and Daisy amazing like always, light on her feet, sharp face, beautiful, quick and very polite.

Also is Hannah Levitt-Collins, a dancer/model from London, Daisy’s double for some scenes? There’s evidence she’s on set with her, just as there was with Chloe Bruce, the amazing stunt woman."

The authenticity of the above statement has been given further credence with the knowledge that stunt performers Chloe Bruce and Florian Robin, both of whom recently worked together on Guardians of the Galaxy, are both in Abu Dhabi, as displayed on FlorianRobin’s Twitter account. In addition, Chloe Bruce, Florian Robin and Hannah Collins are all in the same hotel where the Episode VII crew are staying in Abu Dhabi, illustrated through the image posted on John Boyega’s Instagram.

In essence, it is lucid that Chloe Bruce, Florian Robin and Hannah Collins are all working on Episode 7, namely as stunt doubles. Hannah Collins certainly seems to be Daisy Ridley’s double, but there ambiguity regarding the other two. This is certainly a story to keep an eye on, undoubtedly more information on this story will be updated soon enough.

As always this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.


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