Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rumor: Drew Struzan To Paint Episode VII Poster

By: Benjamin Hart

Movie posters; they're often the first images of a movie we see when walking into the theater. Drew Struzan is the legendary artist behind tons of classic posters, from Blade Runner, to Back To The Future to Harry Potter and of course, Star Wars. Well now, according to Schmoes Know, Struzan has been contracted by J.J. Abrams & co. to paint Star Wars Episode VII's poster. They report:

"So let’s just get to the amazingness, shall we? We here at Schmoes Know have learned from a close source to Drew himself that none other than JJ Abrams has contacted him to come OUT OF RETIREMENT to do the poster art for Star Wars Episode VII. Not only will this tie in the fan base and magic of the original trilogy, but it will connect the new saga to the original feelings we all have based in part from the wonderful posters we all know and love.

And Drew has agreed to return!"

They also go on to say an announcement is coming soon.

Now, as they mentioned, this comes well after Drew Struzan has officially retired. Early last year he was rumored to have been contacted about doing Episode VII's poster, but he himself quickly shot those rumors down. Could J.J. persuaded him to pick up the brush for at least one more Star Wars film? Well, we'll see. As always, it ain't official until it comes from Lucasfilm, so take it with grain of salt.

Personally, I really hope this is true. The super-photoshopped movie posters of today pale in comparison to Struzan's magnificent work. I hope he's able to paint the posters for all three Sequel trilogy films! If you're perhaps not familiar with Drew's work, I urge you to head over to his web site now and take a look his amazing portfolio. It will blow you away!

Source: Schmoes Know
Via: Making Star Wars


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