Sunday, April 27, 2014

We need YOUR help to fund LADDIE on Kickstarter


By Chris Seekell

Back in 1970s California, George Lucas was merely a man with a vision. An epic space opera that would span generations, today, Star Wars is so ingrained in our culture, that it is simply impossible to imagine a time when Hollywood did not know it was ready for George's vision to burst onto the silver screen.

Lucas pitched the story that we would come to cherish to countless film studios, only to be categorically denied backing time after time. However, there was one man, a name that evaded the limelight of the film industry, that was willing to give George a chance. That man was Alan Ladd Jr.

And now, it is time for the story to be told. Just like it was up to Laddie to green light Star Wars, it is now up to you, the fans of the franchise, to green light this documentary.

LADDIE is being headed by Alan Jr.'s daughter, Amanda. Read more from the official Kickstarter release here:

Until now, Alan Ladd Jr. has remained virtually invisible—ironic, as he is the man with the Midas touch, perpetually finding and transforming untapped talent into household names. LADDIE will change all that, finally shining a spotlight on this invisible man, familiarizing the world with the behind-the-scenes mogul responsible for their favorite films and the existence of their favorite stars. Revealed by some of the most celebrated and iconic names today, LADDIE tells the story of the wild, breakout success of the man behind the icons—a story with the potential to draw the widest possible global audience.

Drawing inspiration from documentaries including MY ARCHITECT and the KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, our story will be told through a combination of exciting visuals and anecdotal interviews conducted by our director, Laddie’s daughter, Amanda. Completed interviews include George Lucas, Ron Howard, Sigourney Weaver, Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, Mel Brooks, Richard Donner and many more.

Interwoven with our visually arresting images and interviews will be a rare (and in some cases, exclusive) look at many of the most influential films, actors, and filmmakers of the last 50 years. Hours of interviews with Laddie himself will provide footage and voiceover underscoring our narrative.

Through these rare personal stories, audiences will meet one of Hollywood’s biggest power brokers and join Amanda on a journey of discovery about her father—learning how this private, soft-spoken man became the mighty mogul known to all of Hollywood as “Laddie.”

Please head over to the Kickstarter project to learn more about this documentary of epic proportions, that simply needs to be completed. There you can view exclusive footage that has already been shot for the documentary, featuring clips from George Lucas, Ron Howard, and several other cinema legends. You can also browse through the numerous Kickstarter rewards that are being offered to backers of the film.

It's time for Star Wars fans to rise up together, and tell the story of Alan Ladd Jr., which is in many ways, the story of our own origins.


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