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Thank You, Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Dear Star Wars: The Clone Wars cast and crew,

Thank you!

Your work on The Clone Wars animated series has left an indelible mark on the Star Wars saga, as well the millions of People that enjoyed it. For those of us who watched the story unfold over the past six years, it didn't take long for us to realize that The Clone Wars wasn't just another "cartoon", it was something incredibly special. You thrilled us and you scared us, you made us laugh and also made us cry many times. You gave us some of the best Star Wars stories, characters, dialogue and action that we had ever seen before. And for that, we are forever grateful. A few weeks ago we called out to the fans in our community with the "Thank The Clone Wars" initiative and asked them to send us voicemails & written messages thanking those of you behind the scenes of the show. They swiftly responded. Without further ado, on behalf of Clone Wars fans everywhere, we are proud to present this open letter of appreciation to you, the cast & crew.

Firstly, please direct your attention the the Podcast just below. We dedicated the entire April 24th, 2014 episode of The Star Wars Underworld Podcast to The Clone Wars. Together, with our audience, we celebrated the show and shared our favorite memories from all six seasons. We are very proud of it and hope all you take time to listen(Keep some tissues handy, it gets emotional):

Furthermore, we have collected together all of the written thank you messages fans sent us and posted them below:

Just wanted to add my appreciation for the outstanding work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  A great series full of great stories that really fill in the blanks left by the prequels!  Thank You, all, for such a great work.
- Eron Norris

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of the best and most sophisticated shows I have ever seen. I've loved it since the feature film was released in 2008 and always looked forward to the premier of a new episode. George Lucas, Dave Filoni, and the rest of the crew worked incredibly hard to deliver numerous episodes of amazing CGI animation and story arcs per year. It is an amazing series that gives so much respect to its fans. It not only gives us action-packed episodes, but mysteries and politics that help us better understand the Star Wars universe.

I thank George Lucas, Dave Filoni, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Dee Baker, Ashley Eckstein, Matthew Wood, Kilian Plunkett, etc. for producing high-quality mini-movies on a weekly basis. You made your mark in a galaxy far, far away that will not be soon forgotten.

Thank you Star Wars: The Clone Wars!
- Matthew McDonald

Thank you Filoni and the rest of the crew for this awesome show and 6 seasons of it. I really enjoyed watching the new episode every week, and they were all great, even if some were better than others. My personal favorites are the Umbara arc. I understand it was originally to go to Season 8, and I am disappointed it didn't, but am glad that even though after the end of Season 5 it was tragically cut short, we were still able to get a good, if truncated, Season 6. Thank you for 6 years of this epic show.
- Ian Diller

Dear Chris, Ben, and Dominic,

I just want to say that you guys have the best podcast ever and how much the fans and I love your show. I also want to say that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the best series we've ever watched on Cartoon Network and it will always be remembered no matter what. I hope you guys enjoyed watching The Clone Wars as much as we did and thanks for the fun Thursday nights too.

- Matthew Topacio

Just when we thought the saga had ended, in came The Clone Wars. Since 2008 it has filled the void which other forms of media (while awesome in their own ways) could not. So many characters introduced, and it wasn't the childish spin-off we expected it to be, it was darkly interesting and informative in its own ways. From the numerous armed negotiations to the moral dilemmas presented at the beginning and end of most episodes, The Clone Wars has been a ride of epic proportions. The dark foreshadowing reaches its climax in the last 3 seasons, something I enjoyed immensely as a person who has watched Revenge of the Sith and who knows what’s coming up next. Thank you Dave and the rest of the crew for creating this awesome TV series, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors (especially with Star Wars: Rebels).
- Yong Jia Yu

Hi! Just wanted to give my thanks to Dave filoni for providing such an amazing show for the past 6 years. I hope it will return to the big screen one day, also special thanks to the community for wanting to keep Clone Wars going and making it the number 1 show on Netflix! I love you Dave.
- Anakin Appels

Thank you so much for an amazing, breath taking 6 seasons of Clone Wars.

I am emailing this all the way from Israel, just to let you know how far your talent had reached.
You were able to brilliantly close the gap between movies 2 and 3, and most importantly you told the stories of characters that were not in the main story line of Star Wars (though did appear in the movies). Something which I thought made me love Star Wars even more.

I want to congratulate you for one more thing, you were able to write great strong female characters. Which I think are good role models. I have learned so much from like characters Ahsoka, Duchess Satine Kryze and Asajj Ventres.

So I'm looking forward to watching Rebels when it starts,
Best of luck in what the future holds. :-)
- Shlomit la

Dear The Clone Wars team, cast, and crew,

Thank you so much for your work on The Clone Wars! The Clone Wars is my favorite show and is one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen! The stories are incredible, just as good as the movies! The episodes are so well written and characters so well developed, this show has made me cry many times, even as I re-watch them and re-experience the very dramatic emotional scenes! You are all so talented, everything about this show is perfect, the animation, the voicing, the writing, the music, I love it! I hope we’ll see you all work on more stories from The Clone Wars era someday!
- Mike Roberts

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating this amazing show!  So many times, the best part of my week was sitting with my son and enjoying the show together.  You helped bring Star Wars to a new generation with amazing stories and animation.  May the Force be with you.
- Rob Fossey

I would like to say how much I loved The Clone Wars. The story arcs that the people who wrote it created were some of the best in the Star Wars world. I'm sad that the series has come to an end, but Netflix has allowed it to remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you Star Wars.
-Chris Fusco

I'm 22 and The Clone Wars remains my favorite show of all time. I've introduced my entire family to it, and we are all outrageous fans, from grandkids to grandparents. The movies and books are great, but this show truly substantiates the entire Star Wars saga, and lends incredible weight to the movies - what a beautiful story. I am still heartbroken  beyond words that it ended, though I am looking forward to what Rebels has to offer the next generation and the saga as a whole. I cannot fully express my gratitude for The Clone Wars series and the creators! But for now, quite simply, thank you The Clone Wars! You have touched our lives. (Long live Ahsoka and Rex!) 
- Holly Courson

Hey guys! It’s Sam Lomas (you might remember me,)sorry I couldn't send this in time for your latest podcast but I still think I should thank The Clone Wars for everything they've done. The Clone Wars is what really got me back into Star Wars because when I first heard about The Clone Wars Movie I think I was 7 or 8 years old so I couldn't really appreciate what that meant for Star Wars. However, it stuck with me in my memory for a long time. When I started hearing about the Clone Wars series, it was already on its 2nd season so I was really far behind. I searched the internet for information but, still being young, didn't particularly want to do a lot of reading. So I tried to watch the episodes on YouTube as I had no other way. But since it was YouTube I didn’t get much out of it so I stopped trying. But, I started getting annuals and I read those because I just found the stories fascinating. Then came Season 4 and it saw the return of my favourite Sith, Darth Maul, and I just had to see it. So, since it was about 2 months before Christmas when the Seasons 1-4 box set came out, I asked for it, and didn’t get it. So I looked for other ways to hear about it and I found your podcast which I really enjoyed listening to. Then, a year later I asked for the Season 1-5 box set, and didn't get it. So I saved up and was finally able to buy it this February. And just in time as about 2 weeks after getting it, I broke my collar bone (twice). So thankfully I was able to sit back, miss school and watch them over and over and over and I listened to the little documentaries and found out more about who Dave Filoni was and Matt Wood and just everybody. It was like a dream. The Clone Wars has been a great thing for Star Wars and the fans and I wish it wasn't ending. May the force be with you.

The Clone Wars helped us all keep the Star Wars spirit alive! Thank you all for this amazing animated series.
- Fernando Busch

I made this drawing to be thankful for TCW as a Clone Wars fan and a star wars fan too.
- Jocelyne Gasca

With this collaborative thank you letter, we hope to provide The Clone Wars, and the People behind, a proper send-off. But that still doesn't mean we won't continue to watch, reference and quote the series from now on.  It is, and always will be a huge part of Star Wars lore.

If you are a Clone Wars crew member, please pass this article on to your fellow Clone Wars veterans. And if you're reading this as a fan, please share it abroad, especially with a Clone Wars cast or crew member who may not have seen it yet.


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