Sunday, April 6, 2014

Report: Detours' Delay Was '100% A Lucasfilm Decision'

By: Benjamin Hart

Remember Star Wars Detours? The animated comedy series was shelved last year along with several other Star Wars projects after Disney acquired Lucasfilm and shifted the company's focus to Star Wars Episode VII. Like many things, fans who were looking forward to watching the series tended to point the finger at Disney. Now two of the creators behind the series, Seth Green and Mathew Senreich, are making it clear that the decision to hold Detours back until a later date was made solely by Lucasfilm and not Disney. In an interview with Topless Robot, the trio was asked directly "Has Disney killed Star Wars Detours?", to which Seth Green responded:

"No, no, and I think - I'll correct this again - there's a misinterpretation that Disney had anything to do with that decision. That was 100% a Lucasfilm decision, and it was born from the time they decided to make new movies. We started having conversations about what the next three years of Star Wars were going to be before those movies came out. And it was months of talking with Kathy Kennedy, and the decision makers at the company.

The decision really was that because our show - the way it was conceived - is timeless, and because we've got nearly 40 completely finished, ready for broadcast episodes, but because the tone of the show is comedic, and it's more like the Simpsons universe within the Star Wars universe, it was counter-intuitive to spend the next three years targeting young kids and teens with a show that was kind of a deconstructionist view of the characters that they just, three years from now, were going to be meant to take very seriously."

Green also assures us that it will be released, and even teases how and when they might do it;

"It's a delay, it's not a cancellation. There is so much material, and I really believe the media is going to catch up to it.... In the same way that networks are focusing on green-lighting whole seasons at a time, the same way that Netflix is building an entire series that people can view via download - that's where Detours will live. But it won't be for, like, five years. So everyone's just got to be patient."

Source: Topless Robot
Via: Jedi News


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