Monday, April 21, 2014

Opinion: Why Kevin Kiner is the Perfect Choice to Score 'Star Wars Rebels'

By: Ciaran Duggan
This past weekend at Wondercon (in Anaheim, California), executive producer Dave Filoni officially announced Kevin Kiner as the composer and scorer of the new Star WarsTV show: Star Wars Rebels.  Furthermore, the Kiner’s Rebels theme tune was played to the Wondercon audience at the “Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Rebels” panel.  The score was a vivid resemblance to John Williams’ force theme and the show’s primary themes will assimilate antecedent William’s scores from Star Wars: A New Hope, delineating an old trilogy ubiquitous to the television show.

The announcement is certainly a welcome one. Kevin Kiner deserves the opportunity to score another Star Wars television show following his vivid achievements in prior television shows, such as CSI Miami, Bond: Goldeneye 007, but most notably his composition on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in which he produced wonderful and fantastic themes on the Star Wars series.  The brilliant scores included a proliferation of orchestral instruments (namely Anakin wants her Alive, Battle of Christophsis and Slick Captured), along with electronic and rock instrumentals such as Ashoka is Captured and Coruscant Runner.  These soundtracks, undoubtedly, consist of Kiner’s own magical audio touch, yet there are also vivid echoes to John William’s foregoing scores which should enable fans to perpetuate confidence in Kevin Kiner’s role on Rebels, fundamentally illustrated already in the score for the Star Wars: Rebels main theme.

In short summary, the declaration from the Rebels team about Kiner’s appointment will be met with praise from many quarters across Star Wars fandom.  The agglomerate team is certainly shaping up to emulate a resembling cast to the popular Clone Wars series and therefore this announcement amalgamated with the new space battle clip released from Wondercon (stunningly animated it must be said) will certainly enhanced expectations and interest for the show. Rebels is certainly shaping up to be a fantastic series. 

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization 


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