Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Opinion: It's Not Over Yet

By: Dominic Jones

Yesterday we were introduced to the stellar main cast of Star Wars Episode VII (or at least most of it).  It was largely met with relief that after a year and a half of waiting, fans had finally gotten their answer to the question we'd been asking since October 30th, 2012.  

But there was another issue that arose.  One born largely out of months and months and months of rumors.  People began to react to who wasn't in the cast, saying things like:

"Where's Lando?"

"Why isn't Ian McDiarmid in this photo?"

"I told you guys Benedict Cumberbatch will not be in this film."

It's as if people think that this is the entire cast of the film.  That if a name was not listed on yesterday, there is no way they will be in Episode VII.  People seem to be forgetting that there are smaller roles in the film that weren't announced (at the bottom of the now famous image released yesterday you can see the backs of heads of several on lookers, maybe they make up the smaller roles in the film).  Heck, there was even a rumor that a major female role was still left to be filled!

Take a look around at any Star Wars Celebration (or any convention for that matter) and you'll see tones of actors who played minor roles (sometimes just background characters) in attendance!  And we fans love them!  Every person involved in Star Wars contributed something to the greatness of the saga (yes, even Kitster) and we thank them for that.  But, do you think that if the internet had existed back in 1978 when production was beginning on The Empire Strikes Back that the casting announcement would have included Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett?  I don't think so, and yet Jeremy has gone on to become a fan favorite! 

I'm not saying this means that all the rumors are going to come true.  Or that Benedict Cumberbatch and Zac Efron will be playing tertiary characters in Episode VII.  I'm just saying that there are still lots of roles still to be cast (or rather roles that we don't know about yet).  

The point is, there is still a chance for returns from the likes of Billy Dee Williams or Ian McDiarmid, they may just be cameos or small roles!  There are still going to be smaller roles and who knows who could wind up playing them.  While most of the casting may be done and the main roles mostly revealed, this is not the entire cast.  We may just have to wait until December 2015 to find out who else is in the film.

As Princess Leia once said, "It's not over yet!"

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization

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