Thursday, April 17, 2014

Leia Organa: Page vs. Screen


By: Lillian Skye

Have you ever stopped to consider who would win in a face off: Leia Organa from the Expanded Universe novels or Leia Organa from the Original Trilogy?

"Each year Suvudu pits iconic characters from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy canon in a battle..." Suvudu  asks "geek writiers" to dramatize the battles so that readers can vote for the characters who they would expect to win.

Two Leias are being pitted against each other, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages--"book" Leia becomes familiar with the Force in the Star Wars novels, while "screen" Leia is handy with a blaster. Book Leia has dealt with the trauma of her children being fed lies from the Dark Side, while screen Leia never relented from challenging Lord Vader himself. Book Leia is wiser and more well-rounded, while screen Leia is well known for her spunk and tenacity.

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Here's an except of how Suvudu believes an interaction between the characters would play out:

Book Leia (she is considerably older than screen Leia, by 20 years or so, and possessed of more gravitas, though her beauty is undimmed): Hmmmm. I’m not getting any of the usual Vader-stench. Strange. This is no trick: it appears that we are both Princess Leia. Though I believe I must be from your future, as you are from my past. How can this be?

Screen Leia: I don’t get it either. Time travel is way more of a Star Trek thing. We don’t mess around with that stuff in Star Wars.

Book Leia: Though there are precedents. There was this one comic book from the 1990’s, Star Wars Galaxy 2, where …

Screen Leia: Yeah, yeah, I can read Wookieepedia too. Look, I’m representing the movies here, I don’t hold with any of that Expanded Universe continuity. Maybe it’s like that cave on Dagobah where Luke had to fight Vader, but it wasn’t really Vader, because then his mask fell off and it was Luke’s face … you see where I’m going with this. It could be one of those Jedi worthiness tests.

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If you're a Minecraft guru, you may also want to check out the "Battle of the Leias" in the video below:

Sources: SUVUDU


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