Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ronald D. Moore Talks Live Action Series

By: Dominic Jones

Here's something we haven't talked about in a while!  Remember the old Star Wars Live Action Series (that may or may not have been called Underworld) that was suppose to be the future of Star Wars?  Well screenwriter Ronald D. Moore certainly does!  Moore recently spoke with NBC about his time working on the series and had this to say,

"I did, for a bit of time, work on what was going to be a Star Wars live-action series. We’d go gather at Skywalker Ranch periodically, every couple of months, and break stories and write scripts for this proposed series that George was interested in. And George was in the ring with us every day. And it was a fascinating, amazing experience. There was George Lucas and we’d be arguing stories and there was a point where I found myself in an intense argument with George about what Darth Vader would or would not do, and part of my brain kind of went, ‘What the hell are you doing? Are you really going to argue with George Lucas about what Darth Vader would do?"

Moore references Darth Vader in his comments.  Does this mean Vader would have played a role in the series?  Comments from Rick McCallum and George Lucas seemed to have suggested otherwise at the time, but we know how much Lucas loves misdirection. 

While it doesn't seem like the show as it was planned back then will be making it to our screens anytime soon, Lucasfilm owns the 50 scripts that were written for the series. and elements from the series may show up in Rebels.  That's a definite possibility since it was revealed at Celebration Europe this summer that elements from the series were hinted at going as far back as Season Two of The Clone Wars.

Watch the video of Ronald D. Moore discussing his time on Star Wars and his new projects below,

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