Friday, March 7, 2014


by: Darth Daddy

So the big day is here!  As of 12:01am today, The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions is now available for viewing over at, and what better way to celebrate than with one of the best known Clone Wars customizers out there today.

Jason Rayner aka Wraithnine Customs has been making the best clone customs I've seen in all my travels throughout the Star Ware customizing community, both in his realistic renditions and in his Clone Wars versions of our favorite Republic troopers.  Affectionately dubbed the "Astromech King", Wraithnine has been creating extremely detailed custom work with his super steady hand.  Hailing from the southeast coast of Essex in the United Kingdom,  Wraithnine has been customizing Star Wars figures and vehicles for about 6 1/2 years. Wraithnine has a huge fan following in both the forums and in social media circles for not only his 3 3/4"  figures, but also for his Sideshow scale customs as well. 

Wraithnine has been a long time friend and I usually start my mornings on Facebook chat with Jay talking Star Wars and custom action figures.  I've been buying his custom action figures for years now and I highly recommend purchasing whatever you can get your hands on from this artist.  Everything this artist does is just top notch.  Enough talk though, check out what this artist has to offer.

Wraithnine's customs of Dogma, Hardcase, Jesse, Tup and Kix can all be found in our personal collection over at Customs for the Kid.

We also own these D-Squad customs that he made for us.

 Domino Squad created by Wraithnine Customs.

We also own this Clone Communications Officer that he made.

Realistic Commander Wolffe by Wraithnine Customs

Sideshow Scale Captain Keeli custom by Wraithnine Customs

Wraithnine Customs on Facebook:

You can see more custom action figures from Wraithnine here on Imperial Shipyards:

Wraithnine has a channel on Youtube under the name of Rasputin37 that you can find here:

He posts as Wraithnine on here:


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