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By: Darth Daddy

I can't tell you how happy I am to present you with this week's artist in my next installment of DARTH DADDY's CUSTOMIZING CORNER. Justin Cook, who is also known in the Yakface Forums as Yak_Chewie is by far one of the most talented and creative customizers out there today. Chewie is an administrator over at Yakface Forums and he oversees the custom creations part of the forum where I first received the foundation for my own customizing education.

Anyone who's looking for inspiration to build a custom action figure or needs a kitbashing recipe to follow need not to look any further, Chewie has more recipes than a cookbook.

His great body of work landed him the lead off spot on the Customs for the Kid "Customs I Wish I Owned" archive page.  He was the first artist that I ever featured on the Customs for the Kid blog.  Chewie has made over a hundred action figures over the years and they are all figures I'd love to have in our Star Wars custom action figure collectionChewie was my most dominant influence as a customizer when I first started to make action figures of my own.  Chewie's work opened up my imagination and helped me realize that as a customizer, I now had the opportunity to create my own Star Wars stories with Star Wars characters of my own invention.  If you watch the video we posted of his customs you'll immediately see that his body of work is something special.

Chewie is also the creator of "The Enloe Chronicles" photonovel series which is probably known to be one of the most famous Star Wars photonovels ever made.  The Enloe Trials photonovel series is what's driving Chewie to customize more than anything else. The latest chapter in his most recent story is just another awesome Star Wars adventure where a group of heroes race to locate an ancient Sith artifact before it falls into the hands of The Emperor.

This week I'm going to present Chewie's custom action figures the way he does in the forums.  Complete with their recipes so you can all have the opportunity to try and recreate them if you so wish.

Rykrof Enloe - As seen on Dathomir in "The Enloe Chronicles" photonovel series

head - SAGA Endor Rebel
torso - TVC Kithaba
chest armor - TAC Rahm Kota
scarf - fodder bin
arms - TVC Kithaba
tunic - TVC Kithaba
hands - random Stormtrooper
crotch/things - fodder bin
shins - Legends Bikers Scout

Imperial Infiltrator - Made for the ISY/Yakface Rebels themed customizing challenge that runs through the end of April.

head - SAGA Legends
rest - TVC Captain Fordo

Walrus Man, realistic Clone Wars version

head - TVC Ponda Baba
rest - SAGA2 Death Star Gunner

Talbarr - Wookiee who will show up in "The Enloe Chronicles" photonovel series.

head - Early Bird Chewbacca
cloak - random cloth painted
bandolier - McQuarrie Chewbacca
rest - Black Series Merumeru

Tibanna Gas Miner - For a past Yakfinities, Cloud City Denizens.

helmet - TVC Padawan Anakin x 2, thermal detonator
torso - TVC Admiral Ackbar
arms - McQuarrie Boba Fett
gloves - OTC Cloud Car Pilot
tunic - TVC Admiral Ackbar
legs - McQuarrie Boba Fett

Freelo, Dathomir Assault - This is how he appeared in Chapter 3 of The Enloe Trials

head - Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior
torso - TVC Endor Rebel
chest gear - GI JOE Airtight
arms - TVC Rebel Trooper
hands - Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior
belt - random Darth Vader
legs - TVC Rebel Trooper

Innoril the Slayer - Decades ago, Innoril left the Jedi Order and then slaughtered a group of Jedi Masters, including Rykrof Enloe's mother. Innoril has lied dormant for years and is preparing to reemerge.

head - Captain America Red Skull
scarf - Evolutions Starkiler
tunic - TVC Starkiller
rest - The Hobbit Orc figure

Battle Hardened Stormtrooper Squad - Chewie painted these guys to look like they've been going at it against the Rebels for a while on some distant planet in the Outer Rim. They are showing up in current chapters of his photonovel series.

Everything - TVC Sandtrooper repaints

To see more work from Chewie, visit the links below:

Yakface Forums:
(great place to find action figure recipes)

The Photonovel Alliance:
(for a good read...)


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