Saturday, March 29, 2014

Caption Contest Results | 3/28/14

By: Benjamin Hart

Another caption contest is in the books! This week the featured photo is of a squad of Stormtroopers facing off against everyone's favorite Fedora wearing archaeologist, Indiana Jones(and his dad). We asked for captions on Facebook, and you responded! The top 'Liked' captions are listed below:

1st Place | Jason McKelvey

2nd Place

"I told you.....don't call me Han!"
By: Ian Pugh

Indy, is that... Yes, dad. Future Nazis!
By: David Kelley

Meanwhile, in the real world, fans everywhere can't decide which theme music they'd rather hear playing over this scene....
By: Adam McGlynn

Stop worrying, Dad, they never hit what they aim at.
By: Edward Stewart

Indy: "You belong in a museum!"
By: Aidan Beasley

You may have us outnumbered but you are clearly outmatched!
By: Esska Utfar

"Junior, should I use my umbrella again?"
"No, dad, I doubt they can hit us."
By: Garrison Calmer Dighton

Throw me the Death Star plans and I'll throw you the whip.
By: Chris Panuzzo

Indy: "Stormtroopers... I hate these guys"
Prof. Jones: "You call this archaeology?"
By: SÅ‚awek Miklas

Junior, you don't need to be a shield. You of all people should know they always miss.
By: Josh Barrett

Filming Star Wars VII: The Crystal Skull Strikes Back.
By: Joshua Paul Bishop

Space Nazis...I hate these guys!
By: Kevin E. Quantmeyer

3rd Place

"I'll take care of this, Dad, they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn."
By: Steve Ramsey

Even when he discovers in a moment that he's out of bullets, something tells me the whip and umbrella will still be enough to win....
By: Rob Fossey

"For the last time...I'm not captain Solo!"
By: Albert Flores

"Our situation has NOT improved!"
By: John Hutchins

We're not the adventurers you're looking for.
By: Zach Daab

Dad, meet my enemies from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
By: Jacob Bright

Junior, don't waste your time, they can't hit you at this range.
I'll shoot first!
By: Katrina Churchwell

It's no use, Solo, we see through your disguise.
By: Brian Herrera

Indy: Don't worry. We're well out of range.
By: Liza Marie Hackman

I need to come up with a better Holodeck program.... 
By: Jesse Lande

Indy shot first.
By: Gene McCarthy

Congratulations to the winners big thanks to everyone who submitted captions this week! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future contests! Also, unfortunately we do not know who the cosplayers in photo are. If you have any info about them or who took the photo, please email us so we can properly credit them:


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