Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caption Contest Results | 3/1/14

By: Benjamin Hart

We're back with another round of captions! This week our awesome Facebook fans took to captioning this photo of Luke Skywalker inspecting his father's Lightsaber in a very dangerous manor as Ben Kenobi looks on. The top 'liked' captions are below!

1st Place | By: Scott Thackrey

2nd Place

This kid's dumb enough to kiss his sister....
By: Mason Rainwater

It was your mothers. She wanted your sister to have it when she was old enough.
By: Brian Herrera

This is not the end you're looking for.
By: Adam James Levers

Luke: This is one funky telescope.
Ben: That's no telescope.
By: John Santiago

"You know, Luke, that's how your father died."
By: Stephen Marshal Bove

3rd Place

Careful with'll put an eye out.
By: Charles DePort

I swear I just put batteries in this.
By: Brian Herrera

Handed the most powerful weapon in the galaxy... instantly points it at his face.
By: Ryan Lipshay & Jacob Moore

I was a Jedi like you
Until I took a Lightsaber to the eye.
By: Martine LaSorsa

So this is an eye phone?
By: Brian Herrera

I think I broke your kaleidoscope. Oh wait I found the switch.
By: Brian Herrera

Is this a shake weight?
By: Josh Jones

I took that from your father for doing the same thing.
By: Brian Herrera

Finger one inch away from turning this from a epic trilogy to a hilarious short story.
By: David Danville

Look at Obi-Wan's expression. "That boy is supposed to be our last hope?"
By: Jöshua Payne

Yep, pretty sure your flute is broken.
By: Harry Wheeler

So, the Force is in this thing?
By: Tracey White

Obi Wan - "This is the guy whose supposed to save the universe? May the Force be with us all."
By: Ishaan Saxena

Moments before Leia became an only child...
By: David McKowen

"This may not be the last hope that I am looking for."
By: Alexander Joshua Tansiongco

Congrats to all the winners and big thanks to everyone who particpated, we had a massive turnout this week! Keep an eye out for more caption contests by 'liking' our Facebook page.


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