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'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Bonus Content FAQ


With all the recent news and rumors about a the bonus content/season 6 of The Clone Wars, it seems many have a few questions about it.  I will attempt to answer some of those now.

I thought The Clone Wars was cancelled, why are there new episodes coming?
Technically the series wasn't cancelled.  Last March, Lucasfilm decided to "wind down" production on the series and announced that the series would not be continuing on Cartoon Network, where it had been airing for five seasons.  They did promise that there were still some stories from The Clone Wars that would be released as "bonus content".

What's Bonus Content?
The Bonus Content is the remaining episodes of The Clone Wars that would have made up part of season 6.  Recently many sources, including the German channel SuperRTL, have begun referring to the Bonus Content as Season 6.

Why did they decide to "wind down" the series?
There's no clear answer for this.  The original explanation was that they wanted to focus all their efforts on the sequel trilogy, however they have since announced and begun production on a new animated series Star Wars Rebels.  The other possible explanation is that Lucasfilm is shifting their attention away from the prequel era towards the original trilogy and sequel trilogy eras.

But I heard that they'd finished the scripts for seasons 7 and 8!
Yes, that is true.  But those scripts will not be made into episodes.  Lots of work was done on Season 6 and beyond and only a fraction of it will be released as finished episodes.  Some unfinished animation and concept art for this work could be released (for example, an unfinished clip for an arc that would have featured Wookiees and Clone Troopers fighting alongside each other on Kashyyyk was shown at Celebration Europe in July 2013), but we'll have to wait and see about that.

When will it be airing?
Germany will be getting an exclusive premier of the episodes beginning on February 15th at 20:15, the channel SuperRTL will begin air the episodes beginning with four back-to-back episodes making up a story arc.

In the U.S and Canada the episodes will be made available on Netflix, along with the rest of the series, starting March 7th.

What about England, France, Australia, ect, etc, etc?
No word on when the episodes will be available outside of Germany, the U.S, and Canada.  Sorry.

Why Germany?
Word is that The Clone Wars was most successful in Germany and thus that fanbase is being rewarded.

How will these episodes be released outside of Germany, Canada, and the U.S?
Nobody knows yet.  There have been rumors for everything from Apple TV exclusives to Disney XD.  Nothing is off the table (except a return to Cartoon Network).  Given the Netflix announcement, countries with Netflix should probably expect announcements for when it will showing up on their version of Netflix.

How many episodes will there be?
There will be 13 episodes.  The titles are Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, Orders, An Old Friend, The Rise of Clovis, Crisis of the Heart, The Disappeared (Part 1), The Disappeared (Part 2), The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, and Sacrifice.

Are there descriptions for these episodes?
Yes!  you can find them here and here.  The episodes break down into four story arcs: Order 66 arc, Clovis arc, Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu arc, and Yoda arc.

What about the Bounty Hunters arc we heard about?
Unfortunately it seems those episodes won't be a part of the bonus content.  But you never know, that story could show up in another form (like a comic series).

Will Ahsoka be in these episodes?
Anything is possible.  But I would say it's unlikely.  While there are still stories left to tell about her, it seems her time on The Clone Wars wrapped up last March in The Wrong Jedi.

What about Darth Maul?
Again, it's unlikely that Maul will show up in these episodes.  However, Maul's story will be continued in a comic form, in the mini series Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.

What about Hondo, Aayla Secura, Chewbacca, etc, etc, etc?
Unless a character has appeared in either the preview clips, trailer, or episode descriptions, then we don't know for sure.

Where can we watch the previews and trailers?
Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Trailer, Clip 4.  You can also find some clips from the Clovis Arc in the Season 5 trailer, since those episodes were originally intended for that season.

I heard Mark Hamill is doing a voice for these episodes?
Mark did record a voice for the series, however there is no confirmation he will appear in the bonus content.  That being said, Mark did confirm, this past summer at Celebration Europe, that his character is a "Darth Somebody".  Supervising Director Filoni also confirmed at Celebration that a Sith Temple will be appearing in the Bonus Content.  As for what arc that will be a part of, we know that Yoda will be visiting a Sith homeworld....I think you can put the pieces together on that one.

Is Yoda going to visit Korriban?
No.  The Sith homeworld Yoda will be visiting is called Moriband.  

Why are they changing the name of the Sith homeworld?  
We don't really know, but The Clone Wars has always outranked previously established expanded universe canon (as it should).  Plus, Korriban could still exist and Yoda is just visiting a different planet.

Will the mystery of Sifo-Dyas be uncovered?
Well, the "Yoda arc" will deal with Sifo-Dyas and the mystery surrounding him.   We know that Plo Koon finds the deceased Jedi Master's lightsaber in one of the clips and Supervising Director Dave Filoni has stated that they'll be exploring the mystery surrounding the character.

What's this I hear about the series finale being released as comic book?
There was a great deal of confusion when Newsarama revealed that an arc of The Clone Wars would be released in comic form.  However, it was mistakenly called the series finale, when really it was the finale for Darth Maul's story.  And even that is up for debate as Supervising Director Dave Filoni hinted that there may be more to Maul's story than what appears in the comic.  The series, which is based off scripts for what would have been a four episode arc, will be called Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir.

Are more characters from The Clone Wars going to be getting comic series to continue/wrap up their story?
None have been announced, so if you want that to happen be sure to buy Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir when it come out.

Is Star Wars Rebels a sequel to The Clone Wars?
No.  If anything, Star Wars Rebels will be a replacement for The Clone WarsRebels is new animated series set to debut this fall with a TV movie on Disney Channel followed by a series on Disney XD.  The series is made by much of the same crew from The Clone Wars including Dave Filoni (who's been promoted to executive producer), Joel Aron, Keith Kellogg, Kilian Plunkett, Steward Lee, Amy Beth Christenson, Athena Portillo and more!  Also joining Filoni as executive producers are Greg Weismann (Gargoyles, Young Justice) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men Days of Future Past, Sherlock Holmes).

Is there any possibility of the series continuing after these episodes?
In an age where a show can be off the air for several years and then come back (24, Arrested Development) never say never, but I would say that's very, very, very, unlikely.  The stories and scripts are there and Lucasfilm never throws out a good idea so elements from the unfinished episodes could be included in future projects, or even adapted into novels, comics and perhaps even films.

Hopefully this helped clear up some of the questions you had about the future of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Still have questions, though?  There are several ways to get in touch with  us and we'll do our best to get you an answer.  You can:
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