Friday, February 14, 2014

Report: Episode VII Concept Art Revealed

By: Benjamin Hart

Yesterday Lucasfilm made a major upgrade to their web site. Sections for each of their films was added, including ones for the original six Star Wars films, but not Episode VII. Regardless, on the production page under What we do there is large photo that is obviously from the production of Episode VII. In it (from left to right) you can see Executive producer Jason McGatlin, what looks to be director J.J Abrams facing away, Production designer Rick Carter, producer and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and ILM's chief creative officer John Knoll. But that's not the interesting part...

In the background, in the top left corner, The Empire Strikes Back appears to be playing on a TV screen, and towards the right there looks to be clip board with screenshots from several previous Star Wars films, including Attack Of The Clones and Return Of The Jedi, are posted. But towards the middle, just behind Rick Carter and Kathleen Kennedy, you can clearly see two pieces of concept art, which we're safe to assume is from Episode VII. The one on the left appears to feature the Millennium Falcon, and the one on the right is of some type of canyon. Here's a close up view:

Aside from that, I strongly suggest heading over to Lucasfilm's new site and exploring it thoroughly. There are rare and never before seen photos from behind the scenes of all six films on their corresponding pages. The Clone Wars and the forthcoming Star Wars Rebels series also have pages, where you'll find unique trailers and images from those shows. And don't miss the other sections for films such as Indiana Jones, Willow and THX 1138.

So, could the be our first look at Star Wars Episode VII? Is this concept art from the film? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter!

Special thanks to our friend Andy for pointing this out to us!


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