Monday, February 17, 2014

Freddie Prinze Jr. Talks 'Rebels' At NY Toy Fair

Freddie Prinze Jr. appears on stage alongside
members of the 501st legion at New York Toy Fair.
By: Benjamin Hart

We're now hot off the heels of New York Toy Fair and all of the Hasbro Star Wars news that came from it. Most notably was Hasbro's presentation of the new Star Wars Rebels line, based on the animated series coming this fall to Disney XD. Lucas Siegel of Newsarama was in attendance and gave us some of the first ever images of Star Wars Rebels characters. Today he is reporting on Disney's presentation there, which included an appearance by actor Freddie Prinze Jr., who voices Kanan Jarrus on show. Lucas writes:

"Freddie Prinze Junior took the stage with two Stormtroopers to talk about the new toys. After looking at the LEGO "Ghost" ship, Prinze said that when he went to the audition, he didn't know he was going in for a Star Wars show... He walked in the door and said "is this ___ing Star Wars? You guys have to give me a minute" and left the room, collected himself, then came back in for the audition. His excitement about the show is palpable... They shoot Rebels all together, Prinze said. They have about half of season one done now, and he said "when there's a week we don't record, I'm bummed out. I jones for it!"... Prinze did joke that they call Stormtroopers "Bucket heads" on the show, then did a Jedi Mind trick on them on stage saying "I'm not the Rebel you're looking for" before leaving the stage."

If you haven't already, check out two new teasers trailers for Rebels that were released today, as well as Kanan's introduction video, featuring Freddie.

Photo via: Rebels Report


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