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By: Darth Daddy

This week I decided to showcase the artwork of one of the youngest Star Wars artists in the action figure customizing community.  He is also one of the most active bloggers in the Star Wars community as a whole.  For almost four years now, Elias has been hard at work showcasing the art of the biggest players in the Star Wars custom action figure community, all while making some extremely remarkable pieces of his own.  He started the "Customs for the Kid" blog when he was just 6 years old, and his blog gets over 10,000 hits a month from over 150 countries throughout the world!  Quite an achievement for someone so young!

Already his action figures have graced the front pages of several Star Wars fan sites who were impressed with his artistic skill.  I have collaborated with Elias on numerous projects, more than with any other customizer.  If it weren't for Elias, I would have never become a customizer myself.

You see, Elias is my son.  Back in the summer of 2010, Elias saw a few Star Wars custom action figures for sale on eBay, and asked me if we could make some custom action figures of our own.  Because I never had any experience making action figures, and had only a mild interest in art in my youth, his request seemed like an extremely daunting task.  Had he not talked me into it, you definitely wouldn't be reading this feature right now, and we never would have gotten involved in the fan community at all.  Elias has had a huge impact on the Star Wars custom action figure community and not many people in fandom know the story behind the artist.

His blog features the best Star Wars custom action figure directory with all the information you need to know about the wide assortment of talented artists that make up the customizing community.  His blog features video slide shows of each artist's work, as well as links to where you can find more ways to follow each artist, complete with the contact information that the artist provides.  While at his blog you should also check out the archive page of his Customizer Spotlight showcase that displays custom action figures from his growing custom action figure collection. Elias has many signature pieces from the most talented customizers out there today.  His blog is well known for creating a platform that linked many artists to each other and promoted the art form as a whole.

For all you fans that feel like creating your own action figures is too difficult a task, Elias has a few words for you, "If I can do it, you can too."  I too didn't think I had what it took to make these beautiful little pieces of art.  It was Elias' belief in me that got me started.  When I told him I didn't think I had the skills to get involved in the hobby, he said, "Dad you can do it.  I believe in you.  Just start, and I know you'll finish."  Hundreds of action figures later and a blog with four years of content and counting, Elias couldn't have been any more right in his assumptions.

I can't tell you how cool it is to see the new generation of Star Wars fans aggressively promoting the Star Wars franchise.  Elias has already been interviewed on the Voice of the Republic podcast, Expanded Fandomverse, and Custom Action Figure News, and one day his hope is to be featured in Star Wars Insider for all his efforts.  The coolest part about Elias is that he's not just being featured in Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner because he's my son, it's because he earned his chops in the community.  At 10 years old, he is certainly an artist to keep your eye on.

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