Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BREAKING: Zeb From 'Star Wars Rebels' Revealed!

By: Dominic Jones

The cast of Star Wars Rebels continues to expand!  Last week we met Kanan and Ezra, and before that it was Chopper and The Inquisitor.  Now, IGN has revealed Zeb.  Voiced by Steve Blum, Zeb is described by Exceutive Producer Dave Filoni as "the muscle of the group".  When describing his reaction to being cast as Zeb, Blum told IGN,

"I think I actually screamed when I was booked to play Zeb. It is literally a role of a lifetime. I've been lucky enough to play some major superhero roles in my career, but to be given the chance to play a new character in a Star Wars series? Brain explosion. As if working on a Star Wars series - in any capacity - wasn't enough to cause a grown man to squee, Zeb challenges every acting skill in my arsenal and beyond. His character design is amazing. I get to vocally take on ape-like physical power and abilities, a wicked sense of humor, intelligence and integrity, and so much more that I can't yet reveal. The attention to detail from the entire production team is inspiring. Every bit of minutia is carefully crafted to satisfy the most discerning fan of the franchise. I'm humbled and honored to be a part of the Rebels crew. I promise I will dig as deep as I'm allowed to give you guys the performance I would hope for as a fan. Get ready, guys. You're in for one helluva ride." 

Also released is a video introducing Zeb featuring Blum, Filoni, and other Rebels crew members including Joel Aron, Amy Beth Christensen, and Killian Plunkett..  Check it out below,

I must say Zeb looks like an awesome character with an awesome voice!  I can't wait to see him rip apart a few Stormtroopers alongside the rest of the crew of the Ghost this fall on Disney XD!  Now it's just a matter of time until we see some of the female characters revealed....

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