Thursday, January 16, 2014


By: Darth Daddy 

  Jabba's Denizens created by Luke Sprywalker

So now that we got all the introductions out of the way last week, it is time to introduce you to the first Star Wars custom action figure artist we will be featuring here on The Star Wars UnderworldL.E. Spry aka Luke Sprywalker is an incredibly talented Star Wars customizer to present you with as we begin our journey through all the noteworthy custom action figure artists found in the Star Wars community today. I first learned about the art of Luke Sprywalker when I started posting the figures I made with my son over in the forums at Yakface.comSprywalker also posted there.  He really took me under his wing and gave me some great advice over the years to improve my skills as an artist.  Luke Sprywalker has created so many cool customs. He keeps putting out inspirational pieces one after another. He's definitely one of our favorite customizers here at home. He has been displaying his customs on the internet since 2008 and when he isn't making action figures, he is regularly promoting custom action figure contests in the forums at Imperial Shipyards.  His weathering and painting skills really compliment his creative builds and have earned him notoriety even outside the customizing community. 

"Ro Kurota with Speeder Bike" created by Luke Sprywalker

Some of you may know Luke Sprywalker from the Celebration VI "Star Wars Custom Action Figure Panel" that was held in the summer of 2012.  Luke Sprywalker was asked by Lucasfilm to be a speaker at the panel along with Star Wars customizers Sillof and Sith_fire30Luke Sprywalker was an excellent choice to represent the hobby because he does a lot of diorama work and vehicle creation too. He also was the winner of RebelForce Radio's Smuggler's Gambit Custom Action Figure Contest that was held last year for his Ro Kurota custom action figure entry.   

"Mandalorians" created by Luke Sprywalker

He's one of the first customizers we featured over at our blog, and we definitely recommend that you all take a gander at the rest of his work because this feature barely scratches the surface.  If you want to see a video slideshow of his work, take a trip over to the blog and take a look.

"Norris Tretch with Speeder Bike" created by Luke Sprywalker

Not only is Luke Sprywalker one talented artist, but he's also a good friend.  This past summer, my son and I took a trip to the home of Luke Sprywalker, and got to see all of his custom action figure art in person.  It was really cool to get a tour of his studio and talk shop during our visit.  It was so much fun that we got together at Sprywalker Ranch one more time while we were in the area before we headed back home.  Seeing his Jabba's Palace diorama was a real treat. 

We even got to see Luke Sprwalker's Jabba's Palace diorama from Celebration out in his garage.

Be sure to stay up to date with his work because Sprywalker is always busy creating something new that will just knock your socks off.  Even more importantly, he's now taking commissions so if you want something made, get in touch with him before he's overwhelmed with requests.  We included a bunch of links at the bottom of the post for Sprywalker so you can reach him and so that you don't have to miss a single update. 

See you next week!



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