Friday, January 3, 2014

Caption Contest Results | 1/3/14

By: Benjamin Hart

Here we are with the first caption contest of 2014! We're off to a great start with this photo of Yoda, who appears to be having a great new year. We asked our Facebook fans to caption it and vote for their favorite captions. The hilarious results are below!

1st Place | By: Martin Bullock

2nd Place

Join the drunk side of the Force!
By: Peppe Andrade

Beer leads to Jaeger, Jeager leads to hangover, hangover... leads to suffering....
By: Adam McGlynn

A Jedi's strength flows from the bottle...
By:Jerry Loera

When 900 bottles of champagne you reach, look as good, you will not...mmm?
By: John Pensabene

3rd Place

Party or party not, there is no try.
By: John Kallner & Katelyn Hess

The Force I have! Double Tequila I want…
By: Javier Martínez

"Officer, drunk, I am not"
By: John Anthony Fazio

How you like me now Disney!
By: Adam Johnson

Go Home Yoda. Your drunk.
By: Jeffrey S Thompson

Like it was 1999, I did party.
By: Kristi Dahl Balch

The one point where Yoda speaks normally.
By: Bob Farrell

Congratulations to the winners, and big thanks to everyone who participated! 'Like' our page on Facebook and keep an eye out for future caption contests.


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