Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Star Wars: Battlefront' Temporarily on Hold

By: Dominic Jones

UPDATE: EA has released a statement saying, "The work being done to stabilize Battlefield 4 does not impact our release schedule for future titles".  This comes in response to EA shares dropping more that 6.5%, following the issues with Battlefield 4.  But seeing as Star Wars Battlefront has no release date as of yet, nobody would know if the release date for it got changed.

Via: Star Wars HQ

Uh Oh!  It seems developer DICE, the studio at EA who will be responsible for developing the next Star Wars Battlefront game, has run into a bit of trouble.  The studio told IGN, "not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all the issues with Battlefield 4."  As for how that will affect Battlefront, DICE told IGN, "We haven’t announced a ship date for Battlefront but right now the team is focused on fixing Battlefield 4".  

It seems fans, who have been waiting years for this game, will have to wait a little bit longer.  Unlike other projects on hold, such as the 3D re-releases, this seems  like one that's on hold period won't be very long and the release date shouldn't more than a few months later than expected.  But seeing as we don't have a release date, we'll likely never know what effect this delay will have on the game, if it has any at all.


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