Sunday, December 22, 2013

#Cumberwatch: Benedict Cumberbatch Denies Episode VII Rumors (Again)

 By: Dominic Jones

Another day, another denial for the rumor that won't go away (not that we want it too, at all!  We have a whole segment about it on our podcast!)  Benedict Cumberbatch addressed the rumors surrounding him and Star Wars Episode VII in a recent interview with GQ UK saying,

"Urgh! I mean, I think everyone is talking about it apart from JJ and me! Look, I mean, maybe when there's a script we'll know for certain, but from what I understand the heroes are really, really young, so that's late teens early twenties, and then I don't know, maybe there's a baddie in there? But I think both JJ and I realise we've just done that with another massive sci-fi film, so that obviously hinders things a bit. I mean, there's a possibility, of course there is, and JJ knows how much I would love to be a part of it, simply because, more than Star Trek, it really was something I grew up with. It does make me want to do it even more as well [that people want him to do it]. I don't know. It would be terribly disappointing I suppose if I didn't, but I completely understand what the reasoning might be, which is that this is too close to what we've already done, and what it is that I could do in this film. I mean, JJ and I are yet to have that discussion and I don't even know how many of them he is developing at the one time. I'm pretty sure he's working up one part of three and the spin-off films, there's a shit load more."

That sounds like the kind-of-denial-but-leave-the-door-open stuff we've heard since the beginning.  The quote makes it clear that the Sherlock star would like to be in the film, and he seems to know a fair bit about the film.  He joked on Conan, recently, that he had been hinting to director JJ Abrams that he'd like to be in the film, perhaps there was a degree of truth to that.  One might even suggest that if sounds like he has some sort of gentlemen's agreement with JJ that if they can find a part for him they'll let him know asap (that is 100% pure speculation).  Or he could be just like any other Star Wars fan and be following the news intently online.  The fact that he references the spin off films seems to nail home the fact that he wants to be in a Star Wars film.

We've been following the #Cumberwatch saga of rumors here at the The SWU since the beginning, and we will continue to follow until such a day that Benedict Cumberbatch is cast in a Star Wars film!  As always, if you choose to share this story on any of the various social media sites, be sure to use the hashtag #Cumberwatch.


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