Friday, December 20, 2013

Caption Contest Results | 12/20/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Here we are once again with another batch of captions! This week we keep the holiday theme going with this photo of Darth Vader in Santa's sleigh. This one generated a ton of captions on our Facebook page, check out the best ones below...

1st Place | By: Rob Fossey

2nd Place

Luke, I've felt your presents!
By: Mark Donaldson

"Now this is podracing."
By: James Dilley

I find your lack of Christmas spirit disturbing.
By: Michael Harris

Darth Sleighder.
By: Chris Panuzzo

3rd Place

"Join me, and we shall rule the elves together."
By: Gene McCarthy

I find your lack of Reindeer disturbing.
By: John Bounds

"I want every part of this sleigh checked! I sense something...a jolly old presence I have not felt since..."
By: Fifty Shades Of Lightsaber

I sense presents, presents I have not felt since...
By: Jordan Bishop

What is thy Christmas wish, my master?
By: Aaron Imgonnaeatyourface Dennis

Luke, join me and together we can celebrate 12 days of Sithmas.
By: Will Rickard

I find your lack of being on the naughty list disturbing.
By: Matt Sweitzer

Merry sithmas.
By: Chris Britcher

The hell with Empire, I'm going to be Santa Claus.
By: Alejandro Cesar Sanchez

I find your lack of cheer disturbing.
By: Rob J Lopez

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who participated! 'Like' our Facebook page and keep an eye out for future caption contests.

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