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5 On 5 Roundtable: Ahsoka Tano


By: Peter Miller

Once again we our proud to host the latest 5 On 5 roundtable, courtesy of our friends at Star Wars Geeks Of The World Unite! This week our 5 panelists gave their thoughts on 5 questions about Anakin's courageous and good-hearted former Padawan Apprentice, Ahsoka Tano.

Our panelists are:

Justin Marsh - Admin on the Star Wars Artists, Unite page and Creator of Random Star Wars
Lizzi Kartay-Dodd - Admin on the Star Wars Species Unite page and Manager of Star Wars Queen
Kieren Barnett - Manager of The Geek Hub and Creator of KB Photography
Raymond Hess - Page Admin on the Star Wars Tech Geeks, Unite and Random Star Wars pages
Ronin Soloki - Admin on the Star Wars Species page and Host of the Clone Wars Weekly Podcast

Warning: Major spoilers from the season five finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are below!

1. True or False: You cried at the end of Season 5.

Justin: ...Yes, but who in the kark wouldn't, you know?! When Ahsoka left everything, it seemed for Anakin like it all crumbled down. And that may have been part of the reason he started to turn closer to the Dark Side.

Lizzi: True. The finale was done exceptionally well, and truly made Anakin’s disillusionment with the Jedi and eventual fall to the Dark Side that much more believable. He lost his Padawan not to a Sith or a Bounty Hunter, or even in an act of war, but he lost her due to their dogmatic nature and shortsightedness.

Kieren: On the inside, yes. I find it difficult to cry over a story for a fictional character, but I still think it was sad that Ahsoka left. I could see it coming, but it still hit a part of me. But then, how else could they explain that Ahsoka wasn't in Episode 3? It was the perfect exit strategy that saved her from Order 66, and tons of continuity issues.

Raymond: True. I wasn't bawling my eyes out (Unlike my sister), but it was a really touching moment...

Ronin: No, of course I didn’t cry... I mean, it was emotional and all, but I’m not one to get all choked up over some cartoon character... well... alright. Maybe there were some man tears... just... just a little bit...

2. Fact or Fiction: Ahsoka will turn to the Dark Side.

Justin: I don't believe so. Why? She was never able to be tempted for one, and 2nd off is because I feel she was too strong with the Light Side to turn Dark. Even if Vader tried to turn her, I STILL believe she would not turn; she is too good-natured.

Lizzi: Fiction. If nothing else, I think her departure from the Jedi may have even saved her from such a terrible fate. She is too good of an individual, and while still young, is wise beyond her years. Does she have a wildness and uncertainty to her? Yes; however she is not Dark Side material.

Kieren: No way. She will go to any extent to prove her innocence, and she will do it without causing pain or unrest. I think when she was trying to find out who was framing her, we see for sure that she strongly believes in the Jedi Code. Which is also why she left, because she sees that the Jedi are corrupt as well, and that it was no longer what it used to be. So why would she join something that she has been fighting for so long? She saw the shroud of the Dark Side over the Jedi, and she left. No way would she ever turn.

Raymond: Fiction. She's adhered to the Jedi way, I sincerely doubt that she'd turn to the Dark Side.

Ronin: Speculation. Really this is all up in the hands of anyone who ever touches on her character again. As far as my personal opinion goes, I can’t help but wonder if the actual intent of the question is “Will Ahsoka turn evil?” To that, I would say no. Just because a character is a “Sith” or Dark Sider, doesn’t instantly mean they become jerks... In the game “The Old Republic”, you often find Dark Siders who are far more complex than just generic antagonists. So if Ahsoka was ever to go to the dark side, I would hope that aspect would be explored.

3. In your opinion, what will Ahsoka's fate be? How will she live, and what will she do?

Justin: Well after she left the Jedi Order, I'm not 100% sure as to what she would have done. But my best guess is that she would have lived like Ventress did. Live someplace within the Underworld, and have her own life there. Or, she could have maybe went onto another planet, like maybe Naboo, to live a free life, instead of having to deal with the busy population of Coruscant. Some free and peaceful place like Naboo, or maybe even Alderaan, though that might not be the best choice, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

Lizzi: I honestly cannot say. I believe, in her own way, she will continue her study of the Jedi Arts, and may even seek her own answers along the same path that the Jedi, themselves, follow; however, I don’t believe she will cross paths with them again. I would not be surprised, however, if she encountered her former Master at some point...

Kieren: This is a difficult one. I don't believe that she would be killed in Order 66, but because she was close to Anakin (Darth Vader), she may end up on a Wanted List. I think she will likely find her way to a neutral planet, or go into exile much like Yoda did.

Raymond: I'm honestly thinking that we'll see her in the new Rebels show next year. And as far as her life, I think she'd join the Rebel Alliance, maybe fight Vader, then die. A bit of a blunt and short view, but one that could work. Either that, or we'll see her duel Darth Maul, seeing as he isn't dead yet.

Ronin: In my opinion, Ahsoka would be involved in some way with the resistance against the Empire. I think she would at first rescue the Younglings from the Young Jedi Arc, and with Hondo’s help, make sure that they are hidden well from those who would pursue them. As for her fate... Well... We’ve got some new Star Wars movies coming up, eh? How about a cameo?

4. Do you think Ahsoka will appear in Star Wars: Rebels? If so, what role will she take on?

Justin: I don't think she would appear in Rebels. Why? Well lets face it...What part would she play? Now MAYBE she might appear in one episode, but if she did, she would probably either run or die by the crude hands of the Empire. This series is about a Jedi hunt, so basically if she was in an episode or even in the series at all, something bad would happen to her, or she would run and never come back.

Lizzi: I think it would be silly not to include her. A role, again, is hard to give her at this point; however, I could certainly see her interacting with, and perhaps even protecting, a young Princess Leia, and certainly dueling Anakin as Darth Vader, whether she realizes his identity or not.

Kieren: No. She wont. Unless she is on a Wanted List that the Empire gets around to, I believe she has removed herself entirely from the war. She isn't a peacekeeper or a fighter, she is a Jedi. I see her to be similar to Yoda, and I think that she will be most likely in exile. It wouldn't tie into the Rebels series if she is in exile.

Raymond: As I said above, yes, I do believe that she will. But then again, as Yoda would say: "Always in motion, the future is."

Ronin: While I find it highly unlikely that Ahsoka would be involved with Star Wars: Rebels, I’ve been wrong before. See my last answer for what I would want her to be in the show...


5. What would happen if Ahsoka dueled Darth Vader?

Justin: I believe if those two dueled it out, I feel that Vader would strike her down, but I'm sure she would put up a bit of a fight herself. And that's only if she trained herself a bit more after leaving the Jedi Order. I also feel Ahsoka may try and turn Anakin back to the light side (That is of course if she found out who he is.), but it would probably have no effect on Vader.

Lizzi: I think Vader would have a worthy opponent; Ahsoka took on Grievous, Ventress, and Cad Bane and walked away in one piece, so her skills are certainly phenomenal. It is hard to say whether or not she would be victorious over Vader, though. I believe, however, that whether or not Ahsoka is aware of her former master, Anakin/Vader would certainly remember her. It is revealed time and time again in the Expanded Universe that despite everything, Vader still has compassion (It was that which saved his own son in ROTJ), and I don’t believe he would have it in him to destroy Ahsoka.

Kieren: She wouldn't duel Darth Vader. However, if by some off chance she did, I think that she wouldn't have an emotional connection with Vader. Vader would almost certainly win based on power, but I think Ahsoka would try reasoning with him.

Raymond: If Ahsoka did duel Vader, we all know who would win. Vader simply cannot die yet, and Ahsoka, sadly, is expendable at this point. There's a chance that she might escape, and that's the last we'll see of her, but I think that she will die.

Ronin: Ahhh yes, this question seems to have been spread around a lot ever since that one fan art of Ahsoka dueling Vader... But really, what would you expect to happen? Darth Vader has been nerfed so much of late, it’s hard to take him seriously as a threat anymore. The Force Unleashed games would be my prime example. And if this situation was to really happen, I would honestly expect either Vader to be beaten, or for the situation to simply resolve itself by pure chance. The most interesting aspects of the fight would be if Ahsoka discovered Vader to be her Old Master, of course. So if the fight ever was to happen, perhaps we could glean an insight into the other side of Darth Vader, the one that Luke finally fully brings out in the end...

This feature is courtesy of the Star Wars Geeks Of The World Unite community. Check out their vast network of pages and groups!


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