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Rumor: Clone Wars Bonus Content Details Revealed (Spoilers!)

By: Benjamin Hart

Last month Dave Filoni revealed that the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a.k.a the "Bonus content", will be released in early 2014. Other than a few clips here and there little has been know about these episodes, until now. A wealth of new information has been revealed via a Polish fan site that reported on a Star Wars children's event held in Warsaw, Poland. The organizers of the event, the Star Wars Artistic Team(S.W.A.T), screened episodes from season five of the Clone Wars, but also, most importantly, showed a trailer for the "sixth season". They explain that bonus content will be a total of ten episodes and will bear the subtitle "The Lost Missions". Two trailers were shown, the first recapped season five and the second showed several scenes from the bonus content. Video and pictures were prohibited at the event but the site offers a description of what was shown. But beware, major spoilers ahead!

Note: The following has been automatically translated from Polish so it is hard to read and understand at times:

  • "Trailer began by showing a dark, damp fog covered the planet - it was accompanied by the voice of Qui-Gon, saying: "You must go to the Dagobah (?)., Where you will find your answers." I landed there Yoda.
  • Many loose scenes related to a ripe old master: in one of them walked among red, dust-covered rocks (Korriban?), The second was in a dark building and ran up to him being a bit reminiscent of the Balrog from "Lord of the Rings" - consisted of smoke and fire , in another fight on the platform of a hooded figure, equipped with a red lightsaber, another presented him how to jump the airborne platforms, leading to what looked like a huge tree, located on the background of the cloudy, yellow sky, and finally, you will see Yoda was like talking with a group of representatives of a new breed - were round, white and maroon faces and golden eyes.
  • Oppo Rancisis was present at the meeting of the Jedi Council.
  • Members of the steel circle over Yoda and bent over him.
  • One scene showed a lot of ghosts (or perhaps invisible) Jedi, taking part in the battle.
  • Certainly back on Kamino - were aiwhy, cadets in helmets, learners in front of computers, Shaak Ti also returns. Clone of another forerunner - the one who killed one of the sisters of the Jedi - thrashing about on the bed, tied to the belt, and the voices in the background said that "does not remember the day it happened." In the longer terms, medical droid came into fives, calling it "CT-5555", which did not like the man who pointed out to him that the clones have names and it is important for them.
  • Sidious contacted holographically with Lama Su and other Kaminoaninem, saying: "The truth of order 66 can not come to light."
  • Mother Talzin fired its green rays, and later fought with someone with a sword with a blue blade (perhaps it was Obi-Wan).
  • Showing the new machine Separatist - a bit like aqua droids episode of inkwells, but painted with red paint.
  • Count Dooku will fight with two species of blue swords - they were probably Skywalker and Kenobi.
  • Padme stood before the congregation Muunów, and one of them shouted: "You're under arrest!" It also shows some new shots of the chase Emba on the ice planet.
  • Mace Windu fought with giant robots.
  • Shown computer hologram displaying the silhouette of a man with black hair in a Jedi robe - was very similar to Sifo-Dyas comic book "Eyes of the revolution.""

Now this information is in no way official, but it does sound legitimate and matches what we've previously learned about the Bonus content. If true, this confirms that a a bonus content, or Lost missions, trailer exists and it may not be long until Lucasfilm releases it to the World. Until then, be sure to take this report with a grain of salt.

So what do you think? Is this true? If so, what are you most excited to see in these episodes? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!

Special thanks to Marcin Różański for posting on our Facebook page and letting us know about this!

Update: Our friend Eduardo in Club SWU pointed us to the Jedi Council Forums where a poster there, named podjazd, claims to have attended the screening and had this to say:

"Hi, guys :).

Today in Warsaw, we had a meeting organised by Star Wars Artistic Team - they focus mainly on activities for kids, such as drawing, playing with SW toys, etc. But what's more important, they're working closely with Disney/Lucasfilm and today they showed exclusively to us a new trailer for bonus content (they called it "season six"). There was a guy from Disney Poland at the meeting too.

First of all, they revealed that this season will be entitled "The Lost Missions" and will consist of ten episodes :(. They'll air it on Disney XD (at least in Poland)."

They also posted this translation of the trailer description:

"*There was a dark, swampy planet and Yoda was landing there. We can hear Qui-Gon's voice, saying: "Go to Dagobah (although I'm not sure...). You'll find your answers there".

*Yoda was walking on a orange, rocky planet (my guess is that was Korriban). Then, he fought a mysterious, cloaked character, equipped with a red lightsaber.

*In another scene, Yoda was approached by floating... "thing" that resembled Balrog (I'm serious). There was also a scene with Yoda jumping on a floating platforms, that led to a giant tree (I know, it sounds odd, but all "Yoda moments" in the trailer had some Mortis "feel".

*There was a new species - with round, white-reddish faces and golden eyes.

*Oppo Rancisis was at the Jedi Council's meeting.

*For a moment, I saw a lot of Jedi ghosts, fighting.

*Padme was at the Muun's court and one of them said:"You're under arrest!"

*There was a lot of scenes from Kamino - clone cadets, aiwhas and Shaak Ti.

*Sidious was contacting Lama Su via hologram and saying: "They can never learn the truth about Order 66" - well, I'm not sure it is exactly what he said, but it was something like that.

*Fives was talking with medical droid and explaining to him how important for clone are their names.

*Mother Talzin was fighting, using her green beacon.

*We'll probably have another Dooku vs Anakin/Obi-Wan fight... :/

*We'll see some new droids - Windu was fighting with ones (and they were much bigger than him).

*For a moment, I saw a holocomputer screen, displaying an image of a man - which very closely resembled Sifo-Dyas from "The Eyes of Revolution"."

Update #2: Pablo Hidalgo is disputing the amount of episodes via Twitter:


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