Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rumor: Billy Dee Williams Involved In Star Wars Rebels

By: Benjamin Hart

It's always refreshing to get rumors about something other than Episode VII. Here we have one about the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. It comes from Jedi Council Forums member "IG-2000", via, who claims to have attended Billy Dee Williams panel at Rhode Island Comic Con and noticed something interesting:

"I attended Rhode Island Comic Con today. Billy was charming and funny as usual but he didn't seem too on point and rambled occasionally, and at one point rambled on about something, the only thing I caught out of it was "Rebels... oh wait I'm not supposed to talk about that am I?""

Our friends at RebelForce Radio also got word from another attendee who confirmed a similar experience.

Rebels takes place about 5 years prior to Episode IV: A New Hope. Of course, the most obvious choice for a character for him to voice would be Lando Calrissian. Could Billy Dee play a younger version of himself at this point? Or could he be voicing a completely new character? Billy Dee has continued to be active in the Star Wars franchise recently, continuing to voice Lando, and other characters, in Robot Chicken and the Lego Star Wars TV specials. No doubt he would jump at the chance to be a part of the Rebels cast if asked.

As always, nothing is official until we get an announcement from Lucasfilm. File this as a rumor in the meantime.


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