Thursday, November 21, 2013

Caption Contest Results | 11/21/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Here we are again with another batch of hilarious caption contest results! Our Facebook fans took to captioning this photo of Stephen Spielberg, R2-D2 and George Lucas looking over script. The top rated captions are below:

1st Place | By: Richard A Wallis

2nd Place

Here are your lines. Remember, Kids film. Keep them clean or we'll have to bleep you.
By: Martin Bullock

Spielberg: "Really, R2 defeats Vader? That's hilarious!"
Lucas: "What? Let me see that"
R2: "Innocent whistling."
By: Kevin Mayle

It says right here to press and hold the reset button while pushing the blue button.
By: Calvin Forrest

I'll be darned, George was right. These AREN'T the droids we're looking for!
By: Adam McGlynn

3rd Place

-"What do you think about boop boop beep beep bap bop beep?"
-"Too dumb. Boop beep bap boop beep sounds way deeper"
By: Iván Baeza González

This is not the script we are looking for.
By: Thibaut Bsd Saint-yves

There, see? It says right there in your contract that you will not be getting more then one oil bath per day.
By: Grant Mcguire

R2, record this script and get it to Obi-wan. He is our only hope!!!
By: Stephen Kubanovich

See, look, you will be in Episode 7.
By: Hershil Patel

Congrats to the winners and and thanks to all who participated!


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