Friday, November 15, 2013

Caption Contest Results | 11/15/13

By: Benjamin Hart

We're back with another batch of caption contest results! This week our Facebook fans captioned this photo of the infamous feline web star Grumpy Cat inside Darth Vader's mask. The hilarious results are below:

1st Place | Alejandro Cesar Sanchez

2nd Place

I have you meow!
By: Matthew Topacio

I find your lack of fish disturbing.
By: Anthony Holmes

"I am altering the litter box. Pray I don't alter it any further."
By: Jason McKelvey

3rd Place

Well..if you strike me least you will get 8 more chances!!!
By: Dominic Scott

Laugh it up, fuzzball... NO
By: Väinö Honkanen

I find your lack of cat nip, disturbing.
By: Jason S.

Luke I hate you.
By: Clone Trooper Waxer

Luke. You are adopted.
By: Martin Bullock

I find you're lack of catnip.......disturbing
Seth Weston Kostner -3

Perhaps you feel you're being treated unfurly?
By: Matt Barnett

The furce is strong with this one.
By: Mark Dino McCallister

IAMS your father...
By: Steve Rolls

George Lucas finally goes too far with his Special Editions.
By: Adam McGlynn

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated! Look for more caption contests (almost)every Wednesday on our Facebook page.


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