Monday, October 7, 2013

Rumor: Casting Updates


By: Dominic Jones

Jedi News' inside source, Jedi Master SLQ, has come through for them once again with some new info about what's going on with casting and when we can expect some announcements.  Remember this info comes from an inside source and is by no way official, meaning it could be true, but it also could be completely wrong.  First up, what's going on with casting?  Jedi Master SLQ says,

"My casting source has told me that beyond the planned casting calls and meets there has been little information coming out on casting. No one is getting rejected, they just get silence. There are two possibilities for this:

        1) They know who they want and have no fear in getting them. Can you turn down Star Wars? So, they will not announce anything until the last minute as they will make 'take it or leave it' offers. How to avoid leaks? Don't officially cast actors until you absolutely need to, a move that also allow actors to deny that they are involved by truthfully stating that they have 'not signed anything'.
        2) If they reject actors there is the fear that they will talk possibly about their auditions, the type of character, age ranges, etc.

A lot of those who auditioned are scared to take roles that could clash with Star Wars shooting schedule, as naturally they all want in Star Wars. We could potentially see some negative comments in the next month as they realise their hopes are crushed.

It would be fair to say that a lot of those auditioning for the film fall into the UK cult market, well known to British geeks, but largely unknown outside the UK. Many of them have been flown to the States to audition again, oddly not to Los Angeles but to New York instead. Despite a lot of sites claiming that a high number have auditioned, we believe this is false. A high number have been put forward but very, very few are actually auditioning.

Everything in there seems to make sense to me, sounds like their taking their time with casting in order to get it right.  It does seem a bit cruel to leave actors on the hook, believing they have a shot at Star Wars, when really they have actually been cut.  But the reasons suggested by Jedi Master SLQ do make sense.  Also the first possibility sounds a lot like what we're hoping is happening with a certain Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch....

But that's not all, Jedi Master SLQ also had this update about when we can start expecting some announcements, 

"My sources tell me that they Lucasfilm are going silent for a period. It could be one of two things: they are clamping down on leaks or, as I was previously told, announcements would start later in October and be drip-fed in a controlled manner for the remainder of the year.
All that was said is there's a "need to draw a line in the sand for a period", which makes me think the latter."

If what's been going for the last 11 several months doesn't qualify as silent, I'd hate to think what will happen Lucasfilm when Lucasfilm really goes silent.  But in all seriousness, it sounds like the calm before the storm, that you won't hear peep out of Lucasfilm about anything and then all of a sudden BOOM!  The first official casting announcement.

As always this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.


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