Friday, October 11, 2013

#Cumberwatch - Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford Talk Episode VII on The Graham Norton Show

By: Dominic Jones

Two of our favourites here, Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford, made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week and, as expected, both were asked about appearing in Star Wars Episode VII.  And (surprise, surprise) neither gave a real answer.  Harrison just started mumbling (as Benedict tried to convince him to just admit he's in the film), while Benedict wouldn't give any details away either.  The most interesting part, however, is that neither denied their involvement.  While that's no surprise coming from Harrison, who we have come to expect those sort of answers from, the fact Benedict didn't completely deny his involvement continues to lend credence to the rumors that he will be involved in some way.  

Check out the video below (and pay special attention at 50 seconds in, you'll hear Benedict do a pretty dang good Chewbacca impression!):

Also Check out these other hilarious clips from the show.  First, see Harrison Ford recreate a classic scene from 'Empire' with a member of the audience:

Second, watch Benedict Cumberbatch discuss how big a fan of Harrison Ford he is:

So there you have it, while it's not confirmation by any stretch, it was at least fun.  And Benedict's non-answer means #Cumberwatch continues! (If you choose to share this story on any social media outlets, be sure to include the hashtag #Cumberwatch).  If you enjoyed The Graham Norton Show, be sure to tune in next week when Star Wars alum Natalie Portman makes an appearance.


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