Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rumor: Star Wars Episode VII: A New Dawn?

By: Dominic Jones

I think this is our first rumor about the title of Star Wars Episode VII.   And the rumored title is (drum roll please)...A New Dawn!   This rumor come by way of Talk Backer, who claim to have heard from multiple sources that A New Dawn is one of several titles in consideration for the film.

It's very interesting choice if it turns out to be true.  It seems to be attempting to draw on some nostalgia by making it, essentially, two thirds the same title as A New Hope, especially since we expect to many more original trilogy concepts and characters than we have in the last several years.  It is also a very hopeful title given the fact we expect the galaxy to more-or-less be at peace at the opening of the film, and slowly deteriorate as dark force begin to show themselves as the film (and trilogy) move forward.  That, however, is an assumption I'm making based on the ending of Return of the Jedi and could prove to be untrue if JJ and co. decide to throw us a curve ball and, even though the empire is gone, the galaxy has been in strife for the last 30 some odd years.  Regardless, it is just the title (and a potential one at that) and won't necessarily define the movie.

So what do you think of the title?  Love it?  Hope they go with something else?  Or are you indifferent as long as the movie's good?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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