Monday, September 23, 2013

Rumor: David Oyelowo Cast in Episode VII

By: Dominic Jones

The rumors are fly fast and furious today, and we have another one - curtsey of the good folks over at Jedi News.  Jedi News' famous unnamed source is following up on a previous rumor from Latino Review, which stated that actor David Oyelowo had auditioned for Episode VII.  Now, according to the source, Oyelowo has been cast and signed on for Episode VII - which would make him the first actor to sign on to appear in Episode VII.  

Now, we had just heard earlier today that Oyelowo was in consideration for a role on Star Wars Rebels, the animated series coming to Disney XD in Fall 2014.  I, for one, initially thought that this was case of people confusing "auditioning for Star Wars" and "auditioning for Star Wars Episode VII".  However, according to the source, Oyelowo will ALSO appear in Star Wars Rebels as character that will set up his role in Episode VII (perhaps a descendant).  For all you Doctor Who fans out there, this could be like Jenna Louise Coleman appearing in "Asylum of the Daleks" and "The Snowmen" as different versions of Clara before being introduced as the real Clara in "The Bells of Saint John".  I just lost half my audience there, didn't I?

Here's what the source said:

"Just confirmed the first signed and sealed casting. He's British, and Jedi News have already reported it TWICE!!!!!
And no, it's not Sherlock...
The actor is BBC Spook's star David Oyelowo who is due to be in Jurassic World. He was also in Red Tails, so is a Lucasfilm alumni and was recently in Lincoln for Kathleen Kennedy. REALLY, REALLY good actor and a brilliant choice. Hope he has a great role.

I am being told that not only will he be in Episode 7 but the plan is for him to also be in Rebels playing a character that sets up his Episode VII character! All part of the major EpVII co-ordinated push being pulled together by Simon Kinberg and the first major sign that Rebels will be the vehicle to setup the masses for EpVII fever!!

We heard from that same source earlier today that Lucasfilm was getting ready to start making Episode VII announcements and for that to happen you would certainly need to have a cast.  So this sounds like a good step in that direction, although (and no offense meant to Mr Oyelowo at all) he doesn't have the notoriety or gravitas to be the first casting announcement that a Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, or even Benedict Cumberbatch would have.  Regardless, I look forward to welcoming Mr. Oyelowo to the Star Wars community with open arms if/when this is officially announced.  

As always, this is just a rumor (and should not be treated as fact) until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.


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