Thursday, September 5, 2013

Opinion: Johnny Skywalker Or Anakin Manziel?

By: David Gremillion

Imagine a being unlike no other.

At a young age, especially compared to his peers, he accomplishes tremendous things. He's quick, cunning, elusive, and outshines everyone on the field of battle. But he is also arrogant, impulsive, reckless, and teetering on the edge of the dark side. Some respect him, others fear him, but everyone agrees that his impact is undeniably impressive.

Now imagine he can throw a football fifty yards in the air to a streaking receiver.

Johnny "Football" Manziel is an athletic wonder. He has more talent in his right arm than most quarterbacks do in their entire bodies for their entire careers. In one season...only twelve games...he accomplished the following:

  • First freshman in Division I history to have 3,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing. 
  • Set the record for most total yards in a game...twice. 
  • Set the record for most total yards in a single season. 
  • Set the record for most rushing yards and total yards by a freshman quarterback. 
  • Holds a school record for total yards in a single season. 
  • Is the only freshman to win the Heisman trophy, the most prestigious award in college football. 

That's the good news.

The bad news is that he thumbs his nose at authority, doesn't behave as some would say a leader should, and was THIS close to ruining his promising career through rule violations.  He flaunts his ability, showcases his talent, and responds to disciplinary actions by upping both his extraordinary athleticism and his obnoxiousness.

Sound like a certain Jedi turned Sith Lord we know?

Anakin Skywalker was on the same path as Johnny Football. He was truly gifted, a supernova in a galaxy of stars. He also enjoyed living on the "wild" side, thumbing his nose at authority at every turn. Obi-Wan described him as arrogant; Mace Windu admitted he couldn’t trust him. In the end, Anakin's lack of discipline helped him to implode, taking thousands of lives with him.

Johnny Manziel served a suspension for breaking NCAA rules, sitting out a full half of one game. When he returned, he was beyond brilliant, scoring three touchdowns in less than twenty minutes. It was a triumphant return, with over 80,000 in attendance chanting his name. This was his moment of glory, and redemption, where surely he would shine brighter than ever before.

Unfortunately, he didn't last the full half, drawing a penalty for taunting the opponent, and was benched by his head coach for the rest of the fourth quarter. His behavior has been widely condemned by the media and fans alike. If Johnny follows the footsteps of Anakin, he could bring an entire program down with him.
Skating on thin ice gives you a thrill, but if he falls, the lives of numerous people WILL be affected. Honor will be shaken, integrity will be shattered, and the Halls of Kyle Field will weep as another "Chosen One" falls to the dark side.

This article is an opinion piece and represents the views of the writer, and not the entire Star Wars Underworld organization.


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