Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lucasfilm Asks For Fans Opinions on Episode VII Casting Rumors

By: Dominic Jones

A couple of Episode VII casting rumors just got a boost of legitimacy.  An email sent to the members of the Obi Wants To Know Me online community, a forum set up and run by Lucasfilm for the purpose of gathering info and reactions from fans, asking their opinion of the recent rumor that Alex Petyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood were in consideration for roles in Episode VII has been released online by El Mayimbe of Latino Review, who was forwarded the email by one of his readers.  The email has many fans speculating that Pettyfer and Hurd-Wood are very close to being cast in the film and that Lucasfilm is attempting to gauge fan reaction before making the big announcement (in hopes, I assume, to avoid Ben Affleck as Batman style backlash). 

Check out the email below:

Here's my issue with this story.  It's not the news, I have no issue with Pettyfer of Hurd-Wood being cast in Episode VII, it's how it was released.  No I'm not talking about El Mayimbe, I have no issue with him either, it's the fact that this came from the Obi Wants To Know Me forums.  This was an initiative set to engage fans in the creative process and let them have their say about things are being run over at Lucasfilm, and fans were asked to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement in order to be a part of the forum.  And while it is great to know that Lucafilm wants fans input on something as important as the casting of Episode VII, it worries me that this information was leaked.  It worries me because Lucasfilm may start to think that they can't trust their fans and will then stop initiatives like this one aimed at gathering reactions from fans.  While there's no conclusive proof that they would do that, if this keeps happening, I worry that it will become a reality.   So I ask all members (current and future) of the Obi Wants To Know Me forums to consider the potential consequences next time they think about leaking info shared in that community.  Plus, you can bet Lucasfilm is working hard to find out who leaked the info so they can kick their butt to the curb ASAP!

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