Thursday, September 26, 2013

Caption Contest Results | 9/26/13

By: Benjamin Hart

This week our Facebook fans took to captioning this photo of Luke Skywalker(Mark Hamill) taking a swim in the Dagobah swamp. The extremely funny results are below:

1st Place | By: Chad Brainrotta

2nd Place

Chewbacca did WHAT in the lake?
By: Kara Sommer

It's the Lukeness Monster!!
By: James Roach

"Come to Dagobah, he said; become a Jedi, he said... this place sucks."
By: Rob Wheelock

3rd Place

Global warming on Hoth.
By: Sikki Nixx

Did this water just get warmer?
By: Ryan Summers

Go get training from Yoda, they said; It'll be fun, they said.
By: Rory Byrne

Go to Dagobah, he says, Find Yoda, he says.
By: Chris Waugh

In case of a crash, your Jedi can be used as a flotation device...
By: Schad Russell

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...
By: Courtney Autumn Holmes

Sorry, I'm swamped.
By: Andrés Carrandi Esmenjaud

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who took part in this week's contest. Be on the lookout for future caption contests on our Facebook page (almost)every Wednesday.

Original photo via: All Things Star Wars.


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