Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rumor: More Details On The (Possible) Return Of Palpatine

By: Benjamin Hart

Earlier this week the folks at Jedi News reported that Ian McDiarmid, know as Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine to most, would be returning to Star Wars in 2015's Episode VII. Now the Latino Review, who has been giving us many rumors lately, is reporting that McDiarmid, as Palpatine/Sidious, could return as a Force ghost training an unknown Sith apprentice. Here's what Latino Review's Kellvin Chavez had to say:

"According to my source, he does come back in a way. Here is what I was told. :Palpatine comes back as a Force Obi Wan. (Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.)... Palpatine will not be a clone, not in human form. Now here is a HUGE tidbit… SPOILERS!..... Palpatine had a new apprentice before he got killed."

If this indeed true, it reaffirms the fact that Episode VII will be an original story and not an adaption of the "Dark Empire" comic series as many fans have speculated. And having Sidious return as a Force ghost wouldn't necessarily make Anakin's sacrifice to bring balance to the Force null & void. Or perhaps all of the Sith weren't destroyed in Return Of The Jedi? Nevertheless, as always, take this with a grain of salt until we get official word from Lucasfilm.

So, do you even believe this rumor? Or is there too much smoke not be a fire? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!


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