Thursday, August 29, 2013

Caption Contest Results | 8/29/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Big Bird joins the Empire in this week's caption contest! We had a ton of hilarious submissions this time from our Facebook fans, check them out below:

1st Place | By: Spencer Freebairn

2nd Place

The force is brought to you be the letter F...and by the number IV.
By: Mike Garcia

It takes a bird to hunt down a Falcon.
By: Alex Starski

And now, your birdiness, we will discuss the location of Sesame Street, and how to get there.
By: Chris Saguisag

Big Bird: "But Lord Vader..."
Vader: "Snuffelupogus does not concern me. He will turn or he will meet his destiny."
By: Keith W Wilson

This episode of Sesame Street is brought to you by the word "Empire".
By: Jake Delta Patton

3rd Place

"Sunny Day, sweepin' the Jedi away!"
By: Jennifer Buffington Hollingsworth

Don't be too proud of your Sith powers, Lord Vader. The Force is nothing compared to the power of Sharing...
By: Chris Anderson

Darth Vader: "First Binks ... and now this!"
By: Frank Witte

There is a disturbance in the force, I smell something "FOWL".
By: Kristine Hunke Bonertz

"Prepare the bird for carbonite freezing" "He's no good to me fried!"
By: Hank Howerton

You could feed a fleet of imperial guards with that sucker!
By: Brian Titus

D is for Death Star...
By: Vanessa Victor

You WILL tell me how to get to Sesame Street. - Vader
By: Alex Summersell

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who took part in the contest this week! Be on the lookout for more caption contests (almost)every Wednesday on our Facebook page.


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