Thursday, July 11, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 7/11/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Look! Right here! It's a Bird... It's Plane... No, it's the caption contest results! This week our Facebook fans took to captioning this photo of George Lucas, Samuel L. Jackson and Yoda on the set of Episode II: Attack Of The Clones. Take a look at the hilarity below:

1st Place | By: Jeff Caffrey

2nd Place

George: "It's a bird!"
Mace: "It's a plane!"
Yoda: "No, it's just Anakin falling to catch another bounty hunter."
 By: Ben Reister

Quick! Ewan McGregor got a jetpack and is trying to escape!
By: Matt McClurg

You see that little green and nasty planet? That's where you're going spend the last days of your life!
By: Manuel Ferreira

*Lucas and Jackson distract Yoda while his CGI replacement sneaks behind*
By: Matt McClurg

3rd Place

Wrong, you both are. A bird or plane, it is not. CG Death Star, that is. Yes, hmmmm.
By: Michael Ray

"We're going to throw you from wayyyy up there" - Lucas to Samuel
By: Austin Bentley

...and then say,"the plane, the plane"
By: Mike Maggard

Look, there go the fans...
By: Joe Pratt

George and Samuel: Disney is coming!! Yoda: the darkside it is. hmmm?
By: Jan Naranjo

Mace: "Look!" George: "Its a small moon!" Yoda: "A moon that is not, A battle station it is."
By: Katelyn Hess

"When you wish upon a star..."
By: Greg Shoemaker

George, I told you superman was real.
By: Nicholas Condos

George: Up there is the pinnacle of Hayden Christensen's acting career. See how it's plummeting?
Sam: Oh there it is! Do you see it Yoda? 
Yoda: Fading, falling star I see. Hayden's career it must be.
By: Turtle Lane

Look at all the Dark Side points Lucas got for selling out to Disney!
By: Derek J. Mayfield

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated! Keep an eye out for future caption contests (almost) every Wednesday.

Original photo via: Star Wars Aficionado


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