Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Knights Sets Revealed


In a surprise post-SDCC reveal, the YodasNews.com Facebook page has posted images of two new action figure sets coming from Hasbro in the new "lava Vader" line look.

The first Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Knights set includes: Sephjet Josall, completing the pair of Jedi who threw lightsabers to Obi-Wan and Anakin as the arena battle began; the long-awaited Sarissa "HAAAAH!" Jeng; Roan Shryne, an Order 66 survivor; and an earlier version of Clone Commander Ponds, who is best known for his appearances in the first two seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The second Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Knights set includes Khaat Qiyn, a human female who is pictured in the Attack of the Clones Visual Dictionary; a Jedi Knight known as Selig Kenjenn who seems to be an original Hasbro creation; the Weequay Jedi Que-Mars Redath (previously known as Que-Mars Redath-Gom); and a Phase I version of Clone Commander Deviss, a character cut from Revenge of the Sith who still appeared in the 2005 basic figure line.

The Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Knights sets will most likely be exclusives; if they are, the retailer is currently unknown. We will keep you updated as we learn more about these exciting new sets that knock most of the remaining Jedi from the fan-favorite arena battle scenes off of longtime Hasbro collectors' wish lists!

Click here to view full packaged and loose images of these figures over at the YodasNews.com Facebook page.

UPDATE: Lucasfilm official and "Keeper of the Holocron" Leland Chee has confirmed that Selig Kenjenn was created by Hasbro with his likeness.


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