Thursday, June 27, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 6/27/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Who knew there was a Laundromat on Hoth? In this week's caption contest our Facebook fans tried their wit at this photo of Han Solo cleaning his snow fatigues.... Hilarity ensues:

1st Place | By: Matt McClurg

2nd Place

No Chewie, Linens go there and polyester goes here!
By: Kyle Tilley

Darn it! My underwear froze again!
By: Katelyn Hess

3rd Place

"And I thought these clothes smelled bad on the outside!"
By: Brian Shirtcliff

How does one get Tauntaun blood out of whites?
By: Gene McCarthy

Yep... still stained. I'll get it out on the Falcon...
By: Jerry Romo

Blast it, Threepio! We are hiding on an ice planet and you turn on Leia's heater?!
By: Christopher Bock

A big fancy Rebellion and we can't even afford a Droid that does laundry? I'm going to the Empire.
By: Nathan Jorj Quick

I am never going to get rid of the smell of Tauntaun guts!
By: Luke Sprywalker

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who participated! If you didn't place, don't worry, be on the lookout for more caption contests (almost) every Wednesday on our Facebook page.


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