Friday, June 21, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 6/20/13

By: Benjamin Hart

Wow! The amount of submissions for this week's caption contest were incredible! Who knew Darth Vader holding a Kitten could inspire so many captions? Without further ado, check out the massive amount of results below:

1st Place | By: Paradise Decay

2nd Place

"You are part of the feline alliance and a kitty... take her out to play!"
By: Nick Huggett

"Henceforth you shall be know as... Darth.... Whiskers."
By: Benjamin Hart

Join the dark side and learn the powers of gaining more than nine lives!
By: Josh Mekola

Did someone learn to Sith in the litter box?
By: Lester D. Frothinger Jr.

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Little ball of furrr...(respirator breathing)...Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty (respirator breathing) Purr Purr Purr..(respirator breathing).
By: Ernesto Ronin

I will ask you for the last time, What have you done with the mouse droid?
By: John Jacobs

3rd Place

Soft kitty, warm kitty....
By: John Donahue

Your extreme cuteness.... disturbs me.
By: Micah Engstrom

"What is thy bidding, my master?"
By: Jillian Challoner

One of these is bent on world domination and is purely evil, the other is Darth Vader.
By: Jonathan Antillon

Now... a fit and worthy Bounty Hunter find this MICKEY MOUSE and bring him to ME!!!!
By: Michael Stevenson

Come to the dark side get a free kitten
By: Adam Gardner

"I'm finding your lack of fluff disturbing"
By: Michael Levens

The ability to destroy a leather couch by leaving tiny scratches all over it is insignificant next to the power of the dark side. It is....... oooohh yes it is.
By: Paul Currie

I will love you, and hold you, and I will call you George!
By: Laura Canepa

"Nevermind Luke, I'm Your Father!"
By: Ashli Wetmore

Come to the dark side we have cat nip.
By: Caeleighpandamonster Scully

"Yes, the Darkside is strong in this one. You will serve me well kitty, I shall name you Mr. Whiskers. Together we will overthrow the Emperor and rule the galaxy together!"
By: Charles L. Stennis Jr.

If this is a diplomatic mission, then why did you poop on the floor?
By: Patrick Kutsch

Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who participated! If you didn't win this week, not to worry, be on the lookout out for future caption contests on our Facebook page (almost) every Wednesday!


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