Thursday, June 13, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 6/13/13

By: Benjamin Hart

This week our Facebook fans tried captioning this photo of George Lucas & Ewan McGregor(Or his stunt double) on the set of Revenge Of The Sith. Check out the hilarious results below:

1st Place | By: Christopher DynOmite Henderson

2nd Place

For the last time, it's; 'ho ha guard parry dodge spin thrust.' Got it?
By: Chris Oswald

By: Christian Anthony Alvarez

"Star Wars Kid" in the making.
By: Jordan Petto

"I don't always wield a lightsaber. But when I do, I don't need a hilt. Stay nerdy, my friends."
By: Tanner Crawford

"No no no! It's step, twist, step, and TWIRL, then freeze! God send me dancers!"
By: Gregory Chesny

George: "OK Ewan, you hold it like this and you spin it like this..." Ewan: (Sigh) "Wrap it up already I'm not getting any younger!"
By: Katelyn Hess

3rd Place

Your stance and pose don't matter. You have the higher ground, you know?
By: Andrés Carrandi Esmenjaud

Stop this TSA!
By: Chris McLeod

"I want you to do it faster and more intense."
"If I had a nickel for every time I heard that."
By: Zac Sharkbait Arnold

Ewan, did you see TMNT? Yes? Just act like donatello and you'll do fine.
By: Ryan Stemmerman

"By the Force I want this man's hair when I start going gray!"
By: Andy Schuster

Be on the lookout for future caption contests on our Facebook page (almost)every Wednesday!


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