Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 5/23/13

By: Benjamin Hart

After a short break the SWU caption contest is back! This time our Facebook fans tried their wit on this photo of Captain Antilles & Darth Vader having a chat. Check out the top rated captions below:

1st Place | By: Matt McClurg

2nd Place

Seriously. This button here. It'll turn the breathing noise off.
By: Martin Bullock

If you think you can pull me over without showing an ID, buster, you got another thing coming!
By: John Percy

No, vader you listen to me. I find YOUR lack of faith disturbing!!!
By: Duncan Lupercal Holmes

3rd Place

What does this button do?
By: Brenden Lyman

"If you think for ten seconds I'm going to be intimidated by a bunch of guys in white plastic running around, trying to shoot up my Ship, then you just might as well pick me up by the throat and throw me against a wall..."
By: Greg Harris

I'll have you know, Child abuse will not be tolerated Vader.
By: Adam Dye

"Who the Hell's gonna pay for that door?!"
By: Abel Martinez

I don't care if you're Emperor Palpatine, the white zone is for loading and unloading only! Now move your Star Destroyer!
By: Bilbo Sparkles

Be on the lookout for future captions contest on our Facebook page (almost) every Wednesday!


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