Thursday, April 4, 2013

Caption Contest Winners | 4/4/13

By: Benjamin Hart

With the recent firestorm of news concerning Disney and it's handling of the Star Wars Saga we thought it was the perfect time to let our Facebook fans caption this picture of George Lucas & Mickey Mouse. Check out the hilarious results below:

1st Place | By: Adrian Lavin

2nd Place

Lucas: It was never a condition of our agreement that you cancel the Clone Wars, nor shaft LucasArts.
Mickey: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further...
By: Catriona Boyle

3rd Place

That's a nice franchise you have there... It would be a shame... If someone were to... DESTROY IT.
By: Bryan James Manzey

Don't worry, George, LucasArts will be safe from closure (crosses fingers behind Lucas's back)
By: Gary J Robertson

Who would have known that Palpatine learned everything he knows about manipulation and betrayal from Mickey Mouse!
By: Todd Erdman

What is thy bidding my mouse master?
By: Alejandro Cesar Sanchez

"Ohh Boyy!! I am altering the deal, PRAY I don't alter it any further... Ha ha!" - Mickey Mouse
By: Michael P. McLain

So you're telling me... Indiana Jones is actually Han solo? Get out of Toontown.
By: Marc Aguilera

They're your fans now, Mickey. You deal with the never happy, know it all, whiners now.
By: Ryan Delnick

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future caption contests (almost)every Wednesday.

This article features the opinions of various SWU fans and does not represent the entire Star Wars Underworld organization


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